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Why Glen Beck is a Neo-Con Douchebag

As someone who isn't completely privy to Glen Becks neo-con affiliations. I seek the education of DP on this vital issue. I would like to hear everyone's #1 reason for disliking GB. I would also like relevant links/videos to back up reasoning/claims.

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jrd3820's picture

He cries too much

Boys should not cry. Do I need to send you videos. That is why I do not like him, it has nothing to do with him being a libertarian or not. And even at that, I really can't hate the guy either.

Can we call our parents

and relatives, who are not familiar or accept Libertarian ideas, such names?

GB is in private business, unlike our vet with stress syndrome, idle oath keepers, and unemployed. As a businessman, GB is doing business. He can sell his core beliefs or borrow from others. But if there is no audience, business would be closed fast. Each successful radio talk host targets his specific audience.

Audience of GB is much closer to Libertarians than Blue Republicans. If we could co-opt GB into Libertarian message, then personal fued between GB, AJ, RP is not that important.

He and his radio goons

destroyed Debra Medina campaign for the governorship of Texas.

We know!

We know!

Southern Agrarian