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Ron Paul's Truth Marches on In Iowa, Nevada State Republican Parties

week about the historical reasons to believe Ron Paul's revolution within the Republican Party may have a future. Today the Associated Press via Huffington Post takes a close look at two states where Paul people are running the show within the Republican Party, Iowa and Nevada.


Iowa's state Republican governing body this month voted to re-elect as chairman and vice chairman two of Paul's top 2012 Iowa caucus campaign aides. Last year, Nevada Republicans similarly elected top Paul supporters to its two spots on the Republican National Committee.....

Paul backers also have made inroads into Colorado, Florida, Louisiana, Maine, Minnesota, Missouri, in part vestiges of his 2012 presidential campaign.

Indeed, across the country, thousands of Paul's followers, many disillusioned after fighting in vain for his failed bid of 2008, regrouped in 2012 and dove head-first into the behind-the-scenes Republican Party delegate elections, fighting tooth and nail with old-guard GOP establishment activists for national convention seats.

And while Paul retired from Congress this month, his disciples picked up House seats in Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Michigan and Texas last year.

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Can't wait to see Ron Paul again! Big Bump!

Can't wait to see Ron Paul again! Big Bump!

me either

Meeting Ron Paul was the best day of my life, besides getting married of course. :)

Oh ya

I forgot, a couple of my friends who are democrats now support dr Paul, and want to see him speak if he comes around.

That's awesome

That's awesome. Hope they get to see him