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Urgent! How do six kids shot fleeing Soto's class wind up on Sandy Hook grandpa's lawn?

The whole thing unravels now. Were there six dead children in Soto's classroom or weren't there? They can get guns mixed up, but the children as they lay? If this is a lie, it's all a lie.

By James_Madison_Lives

Just to make it clear, I think questioning the emotions of grieving parents is wrong, and probably is a red herring to distract from better questions which can be answered by proper action from the authorities. I want to know the disposition of the (at least) two men running in the woods, one of whom winds up sitting in the front seat of a police cruiser according to an interviewed witness. If you are a suspect for questioning, don't you go in the back seat?

I still also want to know what psych meds Lanza was on, if any.

Ben Swann suggests some of these questions can be put to rest by police releasing the outside surveillance video, trained on the front entrance, which would at least tell us three things:

- It was Lanza who entered

- He was alone

- He carried a rifle.

We should also, at some appropriate point in time, have crime scene photography and a press conference for reporters wishing to view the inside video. It will be gruesome but necessary to confirm to the public what happened. Such video and photography was released in the report on Columbine.

The "crisis actor" angle in which the behavior of people on the crime scene is examined is something I am undecided on. Yes, some of the behaviors personally strike me as a little strange, but I'm no grief expert, and everyone is different. But darned if the weirdest anomalies don't keep popping up in this case. First the news confirmed from "several officials" that Lanza had only handguns on him, and left a rifle in the car, a .223 to be exact. Then this is changed to he only used the rifle, and all wounds were from the "long gun." We are never told the disposition of the guys in the woods. But danged if the following ain't a weird one.

It is very clear that reports said that in Victoria Soto's class, she hid her kids in the closet and when Lanza confronted her, six of them tried to flee and Lanza shot them. The police found the rest in the closet afterwards.

Hartford Courant:

Lanza next arrived at teacher Victoria Soto's classroom. Soto is believed to have hidden her 6- and 7-year old students in a classroom closet. When Lanza demanded to know where the children were, Soto tried to divert him to the other end of the school by saying that her students were in the auditorium.

But six of Soto's students tried to flee. Lanza shot them, Soto and another teacher who was in the room. Later, in their search for survivors, police found the remaining seven of Soto's students still hiding in the closet. They told the police what had happened...

The "remaining seven" of Soto's students would mean she had 13 students total. If the six kids who tried to escape Soto's class are shot down, how do they wind up on the grandpa's lawn?

Yahoo News:

Rosen took the four girls and two boys—students of slain teacher Victoria Soto—into his home, gave them toys and comforted them while he tried to reach their parents...

My first thought on this strange story is why didn't grandpa call

Another oddity, no CT here, I'm just the messenger: in nearby Carmel (about 20-30 miles) there actually was a live active school shooter drill taking place,
exactly same day, same time.

Two scenario possibilities the way I see it are:

- Largely as authorities describe. Lone shooter was Lanza, perhaps having a reaction to a psych med, perhaps not. Lot's of sloppy reporting. Nutty grandpa living nearby sees his chance for the media big time and starts making up all kinds of crazy sh!t.

- Multiple shooters, police hiding video and declining comment on men in woods. Maybe some crisis actors on scene to spin story.

News report of Rosen saying the children were ones from Soto's classroom

Other Rosen interviews:

Ben Swann report:

This posted on behalf of long-time and respected poster James_Madison_Lives who has been banned from posting by Johnsonite mods with no reason given...more info here

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for fresh eyes

Gene Rosen story.. an utter pathetic sham

lets see ..6 children were hiding in Ms Soto's classroom closet..they escaped & made their way to the school's exit[when the school was in total lock down..amazing accomplishment already]..the 6 children then ran across the school parking lot..a parking lot just crawling with police officers & others w/o being noticed by anyone & hailed a school bus..the bus apparently picked them up & the children demanded to be dropped off at the end of Gene Rosen's driveway..they were dropped off there,about 1,000 ft from the,the 6 children then proceeded to sit down in a nice,neat semi circle in Rosen's lawn at/by the end of the driveway..for some unknown reason the school bus driver started yelling at the children,as Gene came upon them..
after ..#1 he had just finished feeding the cats..
or #2.. Gene had just come back from eating breakfast at a local diner..
or #3 ..Gene was was headed for the diner.
or #4 Gene was out for a morning walk [take your pick as Rosen has told all 4 versions in 9 different interviews..
Gene finds out that the school bus driver knows none of the children's names on the school bus.. but.. lo & behold..the good lord above was shining his light down on Gene Rosen that day because..
the bus driver's supervisor somehow knows all 6 children's names!
Gene then invites the 6 children inside this house[where is Mrs Rosen? where is the bus driver? where is the bus?
A: vaporized into thin air & now rest next to the Boeing 757 that hit the Pentagon]..there are 4 boys & 2 girls or there are 3 boys & 3 girls.. Gene has told both versions in different one interview one little girl was frantic..frantic & out of her another interview the children were very quiet.quiet as yet another interview Gene says the children were out of their minds with fear & telling Gene over & over "we can't go back there..we can't go back there..Ms. Soto is dead ..we can't go back" Ms. Soto is dead & they talked of blood & it was awful says Gene..
one immediately wonders why Rosen never calls 911..he never calls the police either or walks down to the fire house to tell someone..anyone..he has 6 children in his house from Sandy Hook!!he only calls the children's parents from the numbers he got from the school bus drivers SUPERVISOR..when exactly did Gene get the childrens names & phone #'s names from the bus drivers supervisor? he never does tell us..about 20-30 minutes later the children's parents begin arriving at Gene's SMALL house to pick up their screaming,quiet ladies face is "FROZEN" in fear when she arrives..many parents also come over to Gene's stuffed animal party to see if their children are there & one again wonders why these parents coming over to the Rosen house NEVER..EVER.. call a police officer or 911? has to wonder why not even one of the hundreds of police officers right next door at Sandy Wagged the Hook elementary & the Firehouse ever come over to pay Gene & the 6 children a little visit?

randy n.

Update, report unearthed

we have an account which mentions children running out of Soto's classroom. CNN report posted at KTXS:

"His teacher, Ms. Soto, moved her first grade students to the other side of the room. Moments later, the gunman -- identified by authorities as 20-year-old Adam Lanza -- was in the doorway.

Soto positioned herself in front of the students, and the gunman shot her, Aidan told his parents.

Aidan and the children had always been told during school drills and by his parents to run if he saw somebody with a gun. So that's what he did.

"They ran past the guy. He standing in the doorway, and they just ran right past him," the boy's father said."

Still a mystery is the identification of the bus driver and what she was doing with the kids at Rosen's house, when police must have been searching frantically for every surviving child, and why they did not call 911, instead started calling parents. Also confusing is that Rosen states in this interview (at about 1:50) that a woman came to his house at 12 o'clock that day looking for her child, then when he looked at the victim list at 6 o'clock the child was on it. The victim list was not released until 2 days later.

Video, Rosen:

HuffPo: "Sandy Hook Shooting Victims' Names Released"

A crazy old man embellishing perhaps. He does not give the name of the child, saying it's "too sad."

Have found nothing in any report about children being covered in blood, as previous commenter says.

Still outstanding is the explanation and disposition of the two men running through the woods, one in black camo pants and dark jacket, according to witness, who winds up sitting in the front of a police car. Also the outside video of the school entrance and preliminary releases of crime scene photography, such as the front entrance which Lanza allegedly shot up to gain entry. Also any psych meds Lanza may have been on, according to medical records which are now in possession of police.

Release the Sandy Hook video.

Dropped off

and I would so like to see if anyone has answers to my questions. You would need to watch all the videos in this posting to see what I am talking about, which I did.

"Nothing is as it appears; everything is smoke and mirrors"

More questions

Mr. Rosen contacted the parents - how did he do that? He didn't know any of the children and I doubt if such young children knew their parents' telephone numbers. Regarding the school bus driver that was supposedly there when the children were on the lawn? Did the bus driver drop them off there? In our area (and I am a sitting school board member), dropping the children ANYWHERE (apart from their designated drop-offs) would be a very serious offense. I can't believe a school bus driver would have relinquished "custody" of those children to a stranger. Can anyone answer these questions?
Another statement he made twice - the children told him that there were only 2 guns and they were small ones. . . . They certainly would not have referred to the AR-15 as a "small gun". OMG, where is Perry Mason????

"Nothing is as it appears; everything is smoke and mirrors"

I think Gene Rosen is just lying about the whole thing

Whether the whole thing is real or not, I think this guy saw the news and decided he wanted to be part of it. My guess is he made the call right after hearing about the 6 kids from Ms Soto's class who attempted a getaway and just before the part about them all being shot. The fact that every media source seemed to accept his ever-changing story as fact does add to the air of nonsense about the reporting of this entire event.

ecorob's picture

I hope he's happy that he gave a woman false hope...

to believe that her child could possibly be at his house.

That is, if a woman did come "stone-faced" to his house at 12 o'clock asking if her child were there, as he proclaimed.

What a scumbag!

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.

JML says: "We should also, at some appropriate point in time,...

...have crime scene photography and a press conference for reporters wishing to view the inside video"

That time has long since past. They've had way too much time to manipulate the scene by now.

Overall a pretty good post though.

You might want to check this out:

Not saying you are wrong, but anyone who wants to question the official story needs to use every bit of information at their disposal.

Interesting. False "debunk"

No one says there is not a Eugene Rosen in Sandy Hook, straw man. As for member ship in Screen Actors Guild, I would never go by any info like that. Do you know how many Gene Rosens there must be in SAG?

Release the Sandy Hook video.

ecorob's picture

you don't give a FLIP about the man's privacy!

you posted a map of his house, for Christ's sake! (as if we didn't already know it anyway?)

you know, the house past the fire station where ALL of the kids were stationed following the "event"

oh, i'm sorry miss bus driver, the fire station is full, take the kids up the street to eugene's house...he doesn't know you are coming but it'll be alright, go on up the road there and just drop them off...names, we don't need names, we are too full to take any more names!!! yeah, right!

you try to debunk one "fun fact" from the video but ignore the vast discrepancies throughout...excuse me if I call you a BS'er

no, don't excuse me, you are!

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.

ecorob's picture

now 5 MILLION views on "Sandy Hook Exposed"...

yesterday, it was less than 3 million!



its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.

ecorob's picture

no wonder the lame street propaganda machine is in...

FULL BLOWN damage control!!!

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.


If two stories tell the opposite, it is most likely one of the story is not correct. That has nothing to do with shooting itself.

An orchestrated killing by gov would never involve too many actors. It is simply NOT a good intelligence or a covert operation move.

ecorob's picture

i wish people would quit utilizing the term "government"

it is NOT our government, it is rogue elements of a shadowy, evil, cabal that has been in existence for a very long time and, most likely, funded by puppet masters that are NOT American!

I am not talking to you, Liberty_First as you are just reporting what others are saying and I am sure you agree with me.

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.

Yah, well look how it was used here:

"Missouri House members had to re-take the oath of office today because of an error during the swearing in ceremony last week.

When lawmakers originally took the oath, as administered by state Supreme Court Chief Justice Rick Teitelman on Wednesday, they incorrectly pledged to support the “GOVERNMENT” rather than the “Constitution.” [caps mine for emphasis]

deacon's picture

incorrectly pledged?

or were found out saying it wrong?
i agree they aren't very smart,but one should know
how to read(well this might be what i want to believe :)

Leave an indelible mark on all of those that you meet.
OH... have fun day :)

Sounded to me like the state Supreme Chief Court Justice

mislead them. Don't know if you read the article, but here is a little more from the site:

"“It’s unfortunate that the oath of office we were asked to swear was misstated. Members were asked to pledge their support to government rather than to the Constitution that outlines and protects the sacred rights of the people,” Smith said in a statement. “To my knowledge, this has not happened in the history of the legislature, although our president had to retake his oath in 2009 after a mistake by the chief justice. As conservatives who believe in limiting the size and influence of government and not in pledging oaths to support it, we felt it was important that we retake the oath.”

According to state Rep. Mark Parkinson, R-St. Charles, constituents raised concerns about the error so legislators took the oath again today.

Despite the error made in its reading, Smith said members signed the correct version of the oath."


ecorob's picture

amazing that people in such high levels...

can be SO STUPID!

thanks, bear, for exposing this

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.

I couldn't believe my hears when I heard it on the radio

so when I got home I looked it up, and there it was in black and white...makes you wonder, doesn't it.

ecorob's picture

listening to talk radio on xm/sirius today...

two things dominated:

1) gene rosen is a hero

2) ANYONE who questions ANYTHING from the JFK assassination to sandy hoax is a conspiracy theorist (if they mentioned that term once they mentioned it 50 times!

gene rosen is NOT a hero, gene rosen is a LIAR...his story is FULL of discrepancies and scenarios that did NOT occur/could NOT have occurred as he continuously contradicted himself

the lame street liars have no recourse other than to ATTACK THE MESSENGERS

here is my take after trying to stomach all of this BS put out today:
that is, let these idiots keep talking and just listen to them...the more they talk and open their mouths, the more they make OUR case...its amazing how that showed itself to be true time after time!

they claim that those of us who question the official narrative are lunatics/kooks/like Ron Paul (they actually said this)/conspiracy theorists, whose only answer to the official "lie" is to BLAME THE GOVERNMENT!!!??? wtf?

we don't blame the government, we NEVER blame the gov't, we ALWAYS blame rogue elements and you and I KNOW this

let them keep talking and they will hang themselves

WE ARE WINNING these battles folks but we CAN NOT fade now


DEMAND THE TRUTH and they must respond...these idiots are becoming our BEST offense!!!

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.

They are ready to make their move. We need to get them

...before they get us. Make this viral.

Release the Sandy Hook video.

ecorob's picture

they also claimed Ben Swann...

to be a liar who looks like a "real tv newscaster" only to lend credibility to his reporting!

it is simply amazing and unfathomable the way these usurpers of the American way of life can make these accusations against people seekng the truth!

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.