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Secret Obama Gun Plan?

What if it's just to make Republicans look bad.

Obama knows he can't get an assault weapons ban.

What if it's just to have a big national debate lose and then OH HO HO look, another mass killing with guns, and then another one, and then the media-mind-slave voters harden even more as progressive voters?

I for one think politics is like religion for some people, and convincing them of the wrongness of their policy positions or their political leadership is like telling a Catholic the Pope is a fraud. No offense to Catholics, but ask yourself: what would it take to be convinced Catholicism (or whatever religion you believe, if you do) is a fraud?

I'm not saying religion is fraud, just saying that it's THAT hard to convince people in the establishment system that their beliefs are wrong. It's not about logic, it's about factionalism.

Think about it, why has the center for american progress (Soros) come out against guns. Sure, maybe gun laws support 'manufacturers' and are a blight on the public or something. Well, not really. So why would the two neat little political parties rally around this gun issue? What about being a liberal(well we know the real answer) would make you inherently anti-gun?

I think that this whole issue is just about politics. The Republican party isn't really in favor of gun rights (see Bill O'Reilly), they just know it's a winning issue for the base. The progressives don't really think that some arbitrary gun law will save the world, it's just a way to make a political advance against republicans.

And so Obama is setting up a losing battle to ban guns, just to make his party look better after the next over-hyped hysterical gun tragedy.

And the media will be lusting after the next incident.

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I Think They Want the Guns . . .

Romney was also a gun grabber. The establishment wants to disarm the American people. I don't think party politics is the energy behind this at all. 'Dem' versus 'Repub' is an illusion.

I could be wrong. But, I wouldnt take any comfort in thinking that its just a game of political posturing.

I think obama's not getting

anything done that helps anybody who votes. So, maybe he's trying to start a political fight so he has someone to blame for being useless. Perhaps being impeached is his exit strategy.

One has to hand it to Obama.

One has to hand it to Obama. He's slippery as an eel. Possibly the slipperiest president ever. Like herding kittens and trying to nail down Jell-o combined.

it's his advisors..

you think bush ever had a shortage of cunning political tacticians? it's just a question of how low a president is willing to go


probably true. These guys are well practiced dirt bags by now.