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Upvoting, Downvoting Problems

I can't get it up, and I can't get it down either :-)

Anyone else having trouble trying to up/down vote on the DP?

My browser is updated...did a restart, still can't vote up or down.

I feel like my middle finger had been chopped off...very awkward feeling.

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You may have a virus or rootkit.

To find such beast you must scan the drive as a data drive from another (clean) boot device.

Voting here, trouble free for years. Chrome on Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit.

Free includes debt-free!

Can you reply back with your

Operating System and Browser (including browser version)?


OS (Operating System): Windows 7 64bit
Browser: Chrome Version 23.0.1271.97 m

I'm not a DP technician, so I can't really decipher the issue from their end, but if you have differences from my several setups which include various OS's and Browsers, I'm sure I can help you out.

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is anyone still encountering this?

If so, please reply w/:

OS, browser, duration problem has been noticed


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Yes win7 64bit - IE9

I can no longer vote, worked a few days ago then quit.

It would be interesting to know since the MODS can vote

whether the Post I created this morning can be voted on. http://www.dailypaul.com/270324/who-does-god-help (of course I would appreciate only positive votes lol :)

I have had lots of comments on it, but the vote score is still 0 . I am one of the users that cannot vote either.

Also, tried to reply to Michael Nystrom below and was unable to do so. I got a red box that said something about a comment being required. This happened to me on New Years eve as well as I was going to wish Michael a Happy New Year but I figured at that time that perhaps he was not accepting incoming comments regarding New Years. So it has been going on at least that long. I have been able to reply to Michael in the past.

Sorry the system is giving yall fits. We appreciate your hard work and we appreciate the opportunity here at the Daily Paul.

I might also note that sometimes when I tried to vote today a bunch of reddit boxes come up. I had noticed it in the past too.


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Bear - I can vote on your thread

I just voted it up (even though I didn't read the whole thing, sorry) (But I do believe that God helps those who help themselves.)

Thanks for the info on not being able to comment to me. That is really weird. As Jon says below, can you take a screenshot so we can see what is going on? We haven't been able to duplicate the issue, but many people seem to be having it.

And what is this about "a bunch of reddit boxes"? If we could get a screen shot of that, that would help, too.

Please do me a favor - see if you can reply to this comment, as well as to Jon's comment below. Thanks again.


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"red box that said something about a comment being required"

Do you have a screenshot of this?

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(((((((((((((((((Michael)))))))))))))))))) just sent the email

as you requested. I couldn't reply to you so I replied to Jon.

((((((((((((Jon))))))))))))))) Don't know how to copy here

I also have a screen print copied into a word doc, but do not know how to copy it here. ctrl v doesn't work...

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You can't copy it onto here

send it here: thankyou (at) dailypaul.com. I'll forward it to Jon. (Unless Jon has another idea)

Thank you! I see you can reply to Jon, so nix what I said above.

I tried snip but don't know how to send it

OK Well I'm not that savy, but I did the snip deal and saved the file, but I do not know how to put the file here. I tried dragging it and got somekind of message that an internet file wanted to open it and it would not be protected. I am sorry I am not much of a help.

me 2

IE 9

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i am using windows 7

its a government plot!

its how they are tracking us bad boys;)

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
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It works if you use Google chrome.

I had the same problem but switched browsers.

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We're aware of the issue - it is a tricky one

since it is not affecting everyone, and not affecting any of the mods. So trying to track down what is causing it is tricky.

Can you tell us what browser you're using?

The Daily Paul feels something like a crumbling beauty at the moment - lots of TLC required...

No up/down voting

using Mozilla Firefox on a Linux Ubuntu computer; Thanks for working on it!

I'm using Internet Explorer 8

and also having problems with voting... Thanks!

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