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One Year Ago I gave a Stump Speech for Ron Paul


Lately I feel like I have lost touch with the DP community. I think its partially because I have evolved into something that is even "extreme" for this site. "Limited-Government" is too much government for me. I don't care what conspiracy anybody talks about. Even if they happen to be wrong it's more interesting than the theater that the MSM has the masses obsessing about. I don't really trust Jack Hunter, Rand Paul or Doug Wead; not to even mention John Tate, Jesse Benton and Trygve Olsen; I've even been wondering about the authenticness of Alex Jones lately.

but I have never completely agreed with everyone on everything so why now do more my comments and posts get down voted into oblivion than they did before???

One possible reason is because of an increased negativity about my views. I am not typically a negative person, I actually take pride in finding the "sunny" side of things. But when talking in the political sphere I find it harder and harder, and actually necessary, to point out what is wrong with everything. I think this, more than anything, is why I have found myself drifting away from caring about every little detail of the world happenings. I don't like consuming my mind with what is wrong with everything.

I miss Ron Paul. He was a shining ray of light in the dark world of politics. Ron Paul always provided that little bit of positive that drew me toward politics. A speckle of truth in world filled with deceit and propaganda.

About a year ago I gave a stump speech for the good doctor. Every once in a while I'll re-watch it and it re-invigorates me. It helps me remember that under this blanket of msm darkness are millions patriots lighting up the scene with brush fires of freedom... so I thought I'd share:


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Keep your head up Brother

The world being a little darker without RP = I think we all feel that.

Not sure who to trust Politicians = We've got a new wave of people but none are as pure as RP. Keep paying attention because we need to know who of them stay out of the quagmire and show that patriotic back bone we all love.

Not sure who to trust Media = take them all with a grain of salt. After all they are basically performance artists doing improve and adjusting to the crowd.

Changes of thought= We all are in constant flux as we learn and differences in view opinion are normal. The important part is keeping focused on the foundation and not the satellite issues.

Have faith, even the sheep will not let you down when the time comes.

thanks man.

thanks man.

Just one thing:

Thank you.

I love my country
I am appalled by my government

thanks. it was a very


it was a very rewarding experience. met a ton of great people too.