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If Capable - New York Gun Owners Should Move

If you are a gun owner and live in New York, you should vote with your feet and move to a different state. For instance, Texas has a vibrant economy and no state income tax. It won't be long until your cities and towns have murder rates in proportion to Chicago's.

If you don't want to give up your guns and you don't want to be considered a criminal, leave ASAP. Hell, even if you don't have any guns but disagree with the gun grab that will make all New Yorkers less safe, you should leave.

If you are law enforcement in New York, you should refuse to enforce these laws. Trust me, you're not going to get much love for taking your neighbor's guns while you enjoy an exemption - well until you are off the force and labeled as "mentally ill." After all, police officers have a very high rate of suicide. You will be easily labeled. Then, your ex-cohorts will try to forcibly disarm you. By the way, did you ever take an oath to uphold the Constitution?

If I lived in New York, I would get the hell out.

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Unlike Texas, in Indiana you can open carry with handgun permit.

The handgun permit is LIFETIME.

There is not a requirement to conceal your loaded weapons like in Texas.

All you have to do is get across Ohio.


What are the employment

What are the employment opportunities in Texas, near the gulf?


If they want another large-scale Detroit, let them have it.

I wouldn't spend a dime in NY if a Police State gun was pointed at my head.

California is so jealous NY exploited their slaves 1st... Dianne must be pissed.

If Texas is too far you can

If Texas is too far you can also come to NH, We are where the Free State Project people decided to move to. Live free or die is our state motto.

It is better to look dumb and not be, than to look smart and not be.