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Boycott New York!

It's time to put a hurting on New York for violating people's rights. We can't kill them physically, but we can hurt them economically. Don't buy anything from there, don't go on vacation there. If you live there, move. If you can't move, move on paper so they don't get your taxes. Don't trade on the NY Stock Exchange or any other exchanges based in New York. Tell businesses there to move or use their influence to reverse these laws.

Over 4 million guns sold in the last two months in this country. That ought to be a big enough group of people to tell New York's lawmakers to go to hell. This is a chance to send the message economically that we Americans will not tolerate anyone trampling our rights. If we can spread the word and cripple New York's economy, other states will fear the backlash and won't pass anti-gun measures.

Wyoming and Texas are working on laws to punish federal agents who enforce newly proposed gun legislation. Reward those states with your money instead.

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Thanks for the support. We

Thanks for the support. We really have to make a point here. This is something that everyone can do. I find it difficult to believe that anyone is ready to take up arms against tyranny in this nation. However, the boycott is a method of change that isn't yet illegal. We should be boycotting places like Illinois as well. However, we need to make an example out of some state.

I know many here don't gamble the stock market but many of us know others that do, the point here is to convince others to boycott New York every way possible. If you live there, write letters informing state politicians that people are boycotting the state due to their actions.


Sanctions do not hurt politicians

If a bed-and-breakfast in upstate New York goes out of business because of a tourism boycott, the politicians will not miss a meal - or a vacation.

Ĵīɣȩ Ɖåđşŏń

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They are just a bit weird.

Let's see now...a state with a city that was supposedly attacked by terrorists, killing thousands and now they want to leave their citizens unable to defend themselves...sounds just a little bit hypocritical to me. Are the terrorists and those who want to disarm America really the same people? Oh, that's right...I'm not supposed to think such a crazy thought like that...sorry.

It's a very good idea.

It's a very good idea.

If wall street falls new york will become worse than detroit

So, don't worry about that.

I do offer one point of concern: do we want all those dysfunctional 20-40 somethings moving back into middle America? New York is sort of a great holding pen for them.


I just saw this also...Let me say THANK YOU..

The "Little Lord Faunterloy" aka Andy Cuomo needs a lesson.

It's terrible what they've done, instantly "criminalizing" people, like myself, who reside here.

Thank God I can still drive to Pa. to purchase ammo if necessary, but if they do a bank statement/creditcard search of purchased ammo/guns people may suffer consequences....must they sell their weapons?

Possibly storing items in a nearby state may be a way to prevent confiscation/prosecution.
NOTE: the COST of administering this policy will put an unnecessary strain on an already fiscally challenged state.
THAT was the reason for CANADA'S repeal of this type of legislation, not to mention compounding this with the loss of sales tax revenues.

Time to bail-out from the EMPIRE STATE...SCREW THE EMPEROR!

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!

The legislators that signed the bill have committed treason...

New Yorkers can handle it as they will.

Their right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. No majority can vote or legislate that constitutionally protected right away.

Sad To Say, But

..The ONLY people who seem to understand "constitutional rights" are those who live, and were raised in rural upstate.
The influx of suburbanites in "cookie-cutter McMansions" and progressives who've moved to these areas have polluted the political landscape.
The same thing happened in Vermont years ago.
They freak out at the sight of "men with guns" whereas it has been an accepted norm forever to have a rifle-rack in the pickup truck rear window.

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!

No Need

NY is putting a hurt on itself. Bad policies have bad consequences.

After Saturday's

After Saturday's protest/rally, we'll see if there will be any attempt to move towards some type of counter.

What...no traction on this

What...no traction on this idea. Too difficult to make an example out of a state?


Yeah, right now the

Yeah, right now the "anarchists" are too busy trying to convince people of an inherently flawed concept. No worries. I'm sure people will see it and agree. I think whenever I am about to order form a NY company I will stop myself and send them an e-mail on why I am not. We should all do the same. And not that I eve go there, but NY will get none my dollars.

Just because

a post doesn't get a hundred upvotes doesn't mean that nobody's interested. Information moves quickly here, and some topics get the misfortune of staying on the front page for all of five minutes.

Also, I find that many liberty-minded folks already "boycott" by not playing the stock market. They're just like FRNs as far as I'm concerned-- worthless pieces of paper backed by "faith".

I agree about moving out of that state, though. Used to live upstate some years ago. Syracuse has to be one of the most depressing places I've ever seen.

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No, it's a good idea. Give it a little time - I just now saw it

on the forum.