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Call your Congressman tomorrow as Obama is giving his speech!

As we all know Obama and his administration are working all over the country to put into place stronger gun laws or bans on certain gun (or all guns). Obama will on Jan 16 be giving a speech with kids surrounding him on new gun laws that will be in affect by his executive order. The kids will be there to give an option on stronger gun laws to trick uneducated people why we need them.

Now we all know what the real reason is for all these new gun laws all over the country. It is so the government can more easily control the American people. The only defense we have right now is guns! Without them we are basically harmless even if we try to angry mob. The government wants to turn us into the Jews and the gov into Hitler.

Now here is what I propose we do tomorrow as Obama is giving his speech. Get to any phone you can. Call all your congressman and tell them that we need to start working on impeaching Obama. Tell them all the reasons and do what ever you can to get them on board. If we do not start standing up to Obama and his administration all are freedoms will be gone for good. Here is the link to find phone numbers for your congressman/woman if you do not have it.
Here is a good article to read from infowars.

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