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I Hope I'm Wrong

I hate to be that guy that has conspiracy ideas. 15 years ago I read a book that reminds me of what is going on in U.S. now, Sandy Hook and the possible reason for it. Books name is: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Red_Storm_Rising

Is this the false flag due to the collapse of the dollar and Germans taking their Gold back? Is that why they want us disarmed?

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I think the elites are being backed

I think the elites are being backed into a corner from a lot of different angles. Be it their manipulation of markets, money laundering, drug trafficking, mass public deception via state run media sources...etc...etc...etc..more and more powerful people are onto them. Remember Lord James of Blackheath's address to parliament? How many saw that 8GB memory stick he refferred to? Then cam the libor thing...the lawsuit...etc.

They like cats covering dudu at the moment.

I don't think that today's generation of elites is as savvy as yesteryear's. Some of the older ones have to be suffering senility by now. This whole damn interweb thing has really thrown a wrench into things, allowing the spread of evidence against them.

The elites might just be on the brink of exposure. Keep pushing to inform new people as often as we can. Who knows what is going to happen, but things are definately heating up.