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Minnesota GOP Will Choose New State Chair from Rival Factions Still at War

By Cyndy Brucato | 01/14/13 | Minn Post

With the contest for a new chairman, the Republican Party of Minnesota is headed for another power struggle between two blocs of activists — the Ron Paul supporters who have taken over much of the party’s grass-roots structure, and traditional conservatives who lost their hold at the state convention last spring.

Two of the key players in this competition are Marianne Stebbins, not a candidate for chair but the chief organizer of Paul supporters, also known as the “liberty” wing, and Keith Downey, a former state representative with a business and legislative résumé, who is a candidate for party chair.

The victor will determine nothing less than whether the Republican Party can return to dominance. Each group believes it has a vision that will lead the party back to financial solvency and organizational effectiveness that, in turn, will lead to the broad voter support that the party lacked in the 2012 election. For Stebbins, that means a radical retrenchment of party ideals.


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The liberty factions says:

Stebbins...implies there will be a litmus test for future candidates to get the liberty wing’s stamp of approval. “We’re not interested in electing any Republican that runs,” she said. “We want to choose a candidate that has principles.”

Whereas the establishment offers the following bowl of nothing-soup:

“We’ve got all kinds of things you can look at and analyze to death, but what we really need is somebody who can take our party forward to the future,” he said. “In my mind, the essence of that is remembering that we Republicans are here to provide leadership for our state and the betterment of our people.”

...in other words: don't worry about principles/issues/policies, don't analyze them to death (what are you some kind of nerd!), this is about leadership aaaaand wholesome stuff, puppies, support the troops...uh, America! blah blah blah noise

"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."

"Traditional conservative" --

"Traditional conservative" -- someone who is happy with massive government spending so long as it is paid for with ever increasing debt rather than taxes. Someone who wants war. Someone who believes that upholding the Bill of Rights is dangerous.

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Bump back to the top. That is what "bump" means by the way. I never knew that for the longest time. Give it a bump, so others can see it.

Bump. Good luck Marianne.

I met Stebbins. She helped me

I met Stebbins. She helped me organize for my bpou last year. She is a true patriot.

Wishing you guys good luck.

Wishing you guys good luck. Downey thinks the principles of traditional Republicans are fine, but the problem is translating them to the public? Comments like that are there to just show how much resistance is still there. More and more will come around though; keep fighting. Eventually we'll achieve total victory, no one else brings EVERY demographic in like the Liberty movement. I just hope the GOP realizes that sooner than later.