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Attention United States Government Incorporated, it's agent(s), principal(s), department(s), bureau(s), service(s), franchise(s)

Attention United States Government Incorporated, it's agent(s), principal(s), department(s), bureau(s), service(s), franchise(s) and/or OTHER employees...

...and to whom it may concern,

First off, I never got a full and honest disclosure of the terms of my employment. I slaved for you for almost 40 years. The benefits suck, the pay is non-existent, everything I do is tracked, we can't even form a union, very few, if any, privileges remain and I haven't had a vacation in twenty years! So just in case you THINK I still work for you, I QUIT!

Former US citizen (government employee)

(Note: I actually quit years ago... just thought those of you who still work for this slave driving company would like to ponder this letter to better understand your relationship to your "government").

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You are actually listed as

You are actually listed as collateral as filed in court July 2011 by the DoD and DHS. So you are actually property, not an employee.

Proof of your slavery. Filed July 2011 [its genuine. I ran this by a friend who studied law just to make sure]

item # 13 and 14 list collateral as:

"All real men - with hands and legs, and all real land in the United States of America 14,000,000,000,000,000 - WITH TRUST IN GOD this real estate is with the public"

Yes, that's exactly what it says . . . see for yourself.



Blessings )o(

Wal-mart did basically the same thing.

When they took out "dead pheasant" policies on their employees.

Delusional clown...

You did a "You all suck and I'm leaving" thread a few days ago, how about you stick to your word now and GTFO?

"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."

Look Everyone! ... It's Assclown #1 from the previous

freedom thread, that got his asz handed to him in a debate, and left; came back and got his asz handed to him Again and tucked tail and ran like a coward, only to set up shop on another freedom thread.

Go here and see all of Assclown #1's public humiliations:


Mr. Assclown #1 doesn't like freedom or anyone who promotes it; he's a distract'or and trouble maker; fear mongering coward, just like his Cheerleader friends Assclown # 2 and #3 on the above linked thread, who will at any minute show up on this thread (if not already here)to leave snide remarks and cause trouble.

But, since you're here Assclown #1, please answer the Million Dollar Question:

"What's the One Document, either local/state/federal gov't has in their possession that would contractually obligate anyone other than gov't employees and elected officials who ARE receiving pay and benefits to abide by those internal statues and tax codes, to abide by those internal-statutory rules and tax codes, AND obligate us to do it for free - without pay and benefits of our own?"

The suspense is killing us.

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When are you going to come hang out with us at the jam session vince?

I'm trying to build a soundtrack for the DP and would love your contribution.


Thank You Vince.

You are most appreciated. Most people don't see that. They think your a kook just as they view other sheeps who view ron paul as a kook which they didn't want to see or pay attention to this one.

Thanks brother :)

Hopefully this will help it sink in.

For more information:

Read your owners manual: "The Constitution for the United States of America."