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Company's 'star' web developer outsourced his own job to China, was only caught via a security audit!

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It would be better to

It would be better to position yourself as the person who leads and manages the outsourcing of existing operations. You would turn yourself into a corporate hero and make yourself indispensable.

I'm sitting in the outsourcing center for several of the major publishers as I type. Have the same guys working on a project for me. They are smart, but good ones aren't cheap. Managing them really should start with being physically present for a good amount of time if you are doing anything remotely difficult. Long-term relationships aren't fun either since you become dependent and they know it. Being here isn't fun. I'm in a nice hotel, but if the wind shifts I get the faint smell of open sewer drifting into my room. Also, plan on being sick the whole time.

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Ha ha ha

Hilarious! That is quality. he deserves the awards, genius idea! Haha

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Maybe I should do that

Isn't it hilarious that everyone on here has the exact same thought

Ha ha ha ha ha!

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That is an awesome idea.

Now that is how you get even when you find your job is going to be outsourced.

You then become the "top employee" and get to hang around.


Good thinkin


Maybe I should outsource some things

It'd be great if I could outsource my job and outsource going to the supermarket and outsource all the cooking and cleaning.


Not sure work boots would look right on an Asian either. Little bitty feet in little bitty work boots...ain't gonna cut it.

There is nothing strange about having a bar of soap in your right pocket, it's just what's happening.