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Suggestions for making this site more user friendly

I honestly don't know where I post this, but these are some thoughts on making the site more user freindly.

The basic functions are very difficult to perform because they are difficult to find in the first place.

1. Logging in . Why not just put the log in button at the top right of the screen where we can see "Post Me" currently. I don't see a good reason why it needs to be hidden amongst all the ads in the middle of the page.

My second gripe with Log in, is that I seem to be logged out after each session on my cpu. Anyone else have this problem? Most of the time I view this site on my phone, and since it's annoying to sign in when I'm in the middle of looking at articles, I simply don't UP vote things sometimes, that I normally would.

2. Replying to post : Why is "Add a new comment" so small?? It's typed in the exact same format as other less important functions that are surrounding it. Even thought I have posted a few times, I still forget where it is in between post! Why add in an extra click just to type a message? How about making something like this - http://www.forwardit.sa.gov.au/__data/assets/image/0008/2040... . This way we easily see where we should write a reply, and it takes up a larger part of the screen, thereby increasing the likelihood that users see it.

3. "Read More" from the front page should simply expand the article on the main page. There would be a kind of simple animation that extends the main article down, and no longer requires the user to click and load another page just to read the full content. The comments section could behave in a similar way, or could be loaded on a separate page with the full article.

Last is a very minor nitpick; How do you feel about using the same standard among all upvoting on the site. There is upvoting on the main page for content, and there is also upvoting users comments. One is a '+/- ' and the other is a '↑/↓'. Why not just make them both the same one? Choose one :)

That's it for now. Thanks for listening guys, and feel free to add your suggestions as well, or thoughts on mine.


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