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Alex Jones Segment on Nightline 1/15/13 (video)

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Focusing on the person


The information concerning poison in the water, for one example, is or is not true?

Focus on the person


What was the question?

The information concerning the torture of innocent people, or guilty people for that matter, is or is not true?

Focus on the person


What is true?

Your son knows the word propaganda?


My children invented propaganda, and having a word attached to what they know how to do at age 3 isn't rocket science that only the anointed authorities can possibly license for practice.



"Mr. MASON. Mr. President, no man in this Convention is more averse to take up the time of the Convention than I am; but I am equally against hurrying them precipitately into any measure. I humbly conceive, sir, that the members ought to have time to consider the subject. Precious as time is, we ought not to run into the discussion before we have the proper means."


I scream, you scream, we all scream for more enhanced interrogation techniques, extraordinary rendition, quantitative easing, behavioral modification, response conditioning, wars on anything, terror, drugs, obesity, scream, scream, scream, the horror, the torture, scream, scream, scream, more sir, please sir, can I have some more, yesterday, now is too late, my God give me some more, and while you are at it the old lies are old, how about some new ones?


Better quality video...


When Fascism goes to sleep, it checks under the bed for Ron Paul!

Ending: "[Jones] is now being scrutinized very closely."

It would be so easy for them to label him a domestic terrorist, and have a million Jones fans on the preventive detention list (if they aren't already.)

The language of the NDAA makes affiliation with the wrong people a crime punishable by having your life totally wrecked by Uncle Sam.

And would you say...

That Uncle Sam isn't currently wrecking lives?! On a world wide basis!!!

When Fascism goes to sleep, it checks under the bed for Ron Paul!

Of course

But sometimes I wonder if US citizens are uniquely doomed to a special kind of looming tragedy of massive proportion.

The absence of a free press prevents us from understanding the scope of US-induced suffering in various countries, but I think that it's plausible that the US has a network of empty prisons, camps, and containment facilities with here which to enact "preventive detention."

After all, they are the ones talking about it all the time. Are they going to be all talk and no action forever? If they fill those prisons and camps, if they begin the systematic imprisonment of innocent people, with the intention to enslave them indefinitely, then it's possible the people of the US will be experiencing the horror of Agenda 21/global police state first, on a larger scale than anywhere else.

These are hypothetical situations...I can only speculate based on how the laws are written, and how the empire-monster conducts itself globally.

That lady's little smirk and

That lady's little smirk and "Hmm" at the end. Reminds me of some Ron Paul stories I watched. Always have to end it with the "Hmm" of derision.

yesss...I was wondering if

yesss...I was wondering if she could roll her eyes any louder. In that fraction of a second she got the final judgement on the whole segment, with hers being the appropriate response to the interview and Alex Jones's positions, for the viewers to absorb...

now that, folks, is a lot of power in one little eyebrow and "humph", ain't it?

If my need to be RIGHT is greater than my desire for TRUTH, then I will not recognize it when it arrives ~ Libertybelle

Yes, another NWO Hatchet Woman ...

trying to remain relevant. Humph.

How does it go again

First they ignore you then they laugh at you then.....

.... then they stage some

.... then they stage some more false flag terror attacks, then they grab the guns, then we die, and in the afterlife we look on to see who wins.


Alex Jones is likeable

He does seem like an allright guy, and that's a big part of his appeal.

However, I do wish he had a 'compendium' of all of his documents proving this or that which he would publish.

Then we could go through and form our own opinions of things rather than him just saying "I have this document"

He sometimes will link to an army manual or something. But still, c'mon, Paul Joseph Watson.

Publish a compendium and infowars encyclopedia:

From "Agent orange to Zombie warfare drills"

Haha, I don't know, would make at least a fun coffee table book even if it ended up being pretty hollow.

He has it...

Just search one of his movie titles and add bibliography. End game Obama deception, most of his later films have a guide and document list.


Liberty = Responsibility

Yeah man. He's got resources.

Yeah man. He's got resources. We need Infopedia.org to show all the documents and sources for everything.

No one on our side has the

No one on our side has the resources to do this, not in a formally organized respectable manner at least. It sounds nice to say, but it would take hundreds, maybe thousands, of professorial types decades to link this all together in a manner which could stand rigorous scrutiny. Through traditional academic channels, which are the only ones capable of handling a workload at this level, it would cost billions.

The cheaper option, wiki style work, would still cost a fortune. A wiki type project is out of the question without redeveloping the concept of the Wiki for more rigorous academic study. That is no trivial task. I've come close to embarking on a similar project, though not for this purpose. Had the contracts laid out and everything. The cost was minimum 5 million dollars, with 15 million being more likely. Oh, it would have taken nearly 5 years of R&D/prototyping to even begin. That is just for technical development. The grants etc to get people capable of filling the content correctly for my project (commercial, not in any way connected to "conspiracy theories") would have been at least $10 million for skeletal content and would have taken years with little to no income. To get staff smart and experienced enough to do it for "conspiracy" content would cost hundreds of millions over time because you more or less have to guarantee lifetime income. Those costs ignore legal fees and overhead.

"Freedom suppressed and again regained bites with keener fangs than freedom never endangered." -- Cicero

I left a message on their

I left a message on their machine wanting a bibliogaphy. They could at least put together that, right? But you're right. A compendium cyclopedia would be such a dream.

They could put together a multiple volume set. Great Books of the Conspiracy World.


The problem with a great books set

Is that you'd get stuff like "13 bloodlines of the illuminati".

Sorry, but there's a lot of drug-addled insanity, in my opinion, which inserts a whole lot of imagination in between facts.

I'm talking about just documents, perhaps with pertinent areas highlighted.

It wouldn't need to be rigorously cross-referenced. Just posted and listed. A wiki-page would be perfect!! And then we could have little debates about what the docs are really saying or not.

The section starting at 4:30 is at least a year old

at least a year old.

Tweeting occasionally as himself @cudnoski on the twitter.

what a repackaged hack job.

what a repackaged hack job. they mostly used footage from 2 years ago and spliced it with a couple quips from piers morgan


not bad

it might inspire some to look more closely

Infowars is breaking throught the matrix...

... at first people will think he's crazy, then they will research his information to prove he is wrong, and then in sudden realization they will say to themselves... OMG!


"The greatest mystery of all is truth." - Me, 2009

+ 1

Well said.

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Can't argue with the man, just throw a few ad homs and hope for the best. I love it!!