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Rothschilds, royals, popes and lawyers

I was suddenly awakened at 4:30AM and this idea came to me.

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one layer anyway

This is a centuries long, if not millenia long, plot. The dollar is not only a unique method of enslavement, it is also a powerful spell casting tool. All those symbols of their power, passing through every hand in every transaction. The Constitution which we tend to over glorify is deeply flawed. At its inception, it was a power play to centralize power, to over-rule the Articles of Confederation which empowered the states. Even that document was made with heavy influence from the Iroqoius nation, but the very people who were here helping this nation find its footing were excluded from the tenets. And all of this "law" is supposed to stem from the Magna Carta, The Great Charter. But that document was signed under threat of death, making it an invalid contract. And at the heart of MY fight for liberty is this simple question: When did I consent to any of this? If a government draws its "just power" from the "consent of the governed" then any individual ought to be able to given the opportunity to - with FULL DISCLOSURE - consent. I have never had such an opportunity, have you?
Anyway, you are correct that the powers of this world are in cahoots but you can only scratch the surface of the web they have woven in a minute.
I'm usually up at 4:30, only one thought worth having: Where's the coffee? lol!

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

I know it's simple

I am constantly trying to find ways to educate people that don't have a clue. Preaching to the choir just agitates them.