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CEO of Nestle says believing humans have a right to water is extreme

This is just so twisted, he makes Hitler look like a sweetie-pie.


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Hmmm He claims Organic foods are NOT good?

He says his greatest responsibility as a CEO is to ensure his enterprise survives, and of course the big profits.

He talks about Americans being healthy after eating GMOs for 15 years and he is trying to sell EUROPE on doing the same, allowing GMO to be grown and used as food in Europe. The USA ranks #33 out of 40 nations listed for health. http://images.businessweek.com/bloomberg/pdfs/WORLDS_HEALTHI...

The CEO of Nestle suggests water is not a human right. BUT the lakes and rivers, oceans and streams belong to the Earth, and we are children of the Earth. We DO have the right to water. He wants to make water a commodity for profit as ENERGY was made a commodity for profit by JP Morgan when Tesla wanted free energy for the people of the world. This guy is up to the same thing. He wants to sell water now. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=gasJl...!

A manipulative person, he is of the elite seeking power, control, MONEY.

I live in a tourist town off

I live in a tourist town off Lake Michigan. I know there are a couple of companies that pull water for bottling out of the great lakes watershed. It then gets shipped all over the place. I sure don't like the idea of a corporation like Nestle can get permission to drain the bays and sell it to the highest bidder. I can't believe for a second that any impact studies performed were accurate or unbiased. What gives our governments the right to give any corporation permission to bottle our water and ship it away?!? I see the water level going down almost an inch every year... can't say there's a direct correlation, but i can't say there isn't! ...Or maybe it's the global warming. ;)

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hey Mr. CEO

What kind of meds are you taking?

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No one has a right to

No one has a right to water.

As individuals, we are endowed with the right to our life, our liberty, and our property, by God.

We may use our life and liberty to acquire as much water(property) as we can do without legally violating the life, liberty or property of other individuals, this is referred to as non-aggression or peaceful exchange.

I think you are

I think you are misunderstanding something. The water runs under my land as well as other people's land; we all utilize the water. If Nestle comes in with much larger pumps, then any of us could afford, then you are perfectly fine with them pumping out all of the water in the underground aquifer which feeds my town?

Also, you seem to be misunderstanding something else entirely. His huge corporation would never exist within the confines of the Constitution or in a situation where no government existed at all. So for a Constitutionalist, libertarian, or Anarchist to be cheerleading and supporting the activities of an entity which couldn't possibly exist without a authoritarian government is certainly ironic; wouldn't you agree?

I'm not the only one that gets it ...

When I read a comment like this I almost break down. Thank Liberty others understand !!!

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Why don't you focus on what he is getting at?

He says that belief is "extreme" and goes on to say many other things that make it pretty clear he believes corporations have a right to water that humans do not.

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Nestle has a controversial record with . . .

regards to treatment of humans.

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

I worked for Nestle back in the Day

and I watched several videos of Peter and that is how he has always been

It Depends: Who owns the land? If it is privately owned,....

the owner has the right to distribute his property as he sees fit.

If the government owns it, we can rightfully question whether it should have that right at all, especially when it is flagrantly violating natural law.

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Land and water rights are

Land and water rights are often separated, which I'm sure he is in favor of.

How is it twisted? He is

How is it twisted? He is contrasting the two opinions about water: A) that water is a somehow a public right (with which he disagrees) or B) that water is a commodity to be bought and sold on the market.

I would agree with him that A is extreme. Clearly, water is not a God-given right (it is a basic human need, similar to food and shelter, but hardly a natural right). So if we want to make it a right, this requires government intervention. What we really have then, is the question: Is the free market or government better suited to supplying the most important human needs?

You forget, that his huge

You forget, that his huge corporation would not exist under the confines of the Constitution, nor could it exist in the absense of government all together. So, in your eagerness to cheerlead for property rights -which I do agree with- you are now supporting government enabled entities; ironic.

Once the water supply

has been fracked to hell..

Nestle or Halliburton will be happy to sell you some.

Tough luck if you can't afford it.

It's a

propaganda piece!! That 'person' also says that after 15 years of GMO's being used in the USA, there is not one case of illness...

These poor rats don't look too healthy to me:


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I agree with him. The

I agree with him. The government should not have sole control of the water supply; we should be free to trade or give it away, sell it, whatever.

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Need a license to breathe? Maybe I could buy some air from you?

Some things were meant to be free.

The "free market" for air is BS. Same with water, though there may be a cost for purification.


The reason air is free is

The reason air is free is because of it's over abundant supply and that it requires no labor in order to aquire and use (except if you want it conditioned, purified, given a particular smell, or compressed), the same with sunlight, it's also free, during the day anyway.

It could be said that the work we do for every other resource we need in order to sustain life is done so that we can partake in the free breathing of air.

I see it as similar to the

I see it as similar to the debate of whether we should have the government pay for everyone's education or healthcare or not.

Education is important, everyone should have an education... but is it better to have the government steal our money, allow universities, insurance companies, big pharma, etc to continue the scam they are running, or allow the people to choose where they spend their money?

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You do not need a license to

You do not need a license to buy water, I'm arguing for government to not be involved. There have been several stories on this site about the government arresting people who collect rainwater on their own land.

If water is nationalised, you certainly would still be paying for it with taxes, anyway. Getting the government involved just causes waste and controls people through force.

Also, if I want to buy oxygen bottles, that is my business, not yours.

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You do if we are to create artificial restrictions...

...so corporations can justify a lobby to create and maintain a racket (public private partnership) to sell it.


Right, and I am saying the

Right, and I am saying the goverment has no right to the control of our water.

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I'll comment at the risk of

I'll comment at the risk of coming off looking uninformed...

No one has a right to the fruits of someone else's labor. That is correct.

That's the real issue

It's not about the particular resource, it's about whether it is moral to essentially create a class of slaves because the thing they do happens to be deemed a "right" (in the positive-obligation/immoral sense of the word).

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