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US will borrow from federal employee pension fund to avoid passing debt limit

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner says the government has begun borrowing from the federal employee pension fund to keep operating without surpassing its debt limit.

Geithner says in a letter to congressional leaders that the move will free up $156 billion in borrowing authority while Congress debates increasing the $16.4 trillion debt limit.


As of March 16, 2010 Social Security holds $2.5 Trillion in IOUs from the Federal government.

PARKERSBURG, W.Va. | The retirement nest egg of an entire generation is stashed away in this small town along the Ohio River: $2.5 trillion in IOUs from the federal government, payable to the Social Security Administration.
One bond is worth a little more than $15.1 billion, and another is valued at just under $10.7 billion. In all, the agency has about $2.5 trillion in bonds, all backed by the full faith and credit of the U.S. government. But don’t bother trying to steal them; they’re nonnegotiable, which means they are worthless on the open market.


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Clinton is smiling. Atta boy

Clinton is smiling.
Atta boy Barry.

Southern Agrarian

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So more than the Social Security