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Video Update: Obama Announces Gun Control Measures - 1/16/2013

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I agree with you.

I said "evidently," and said the action was not a direct attack. It is certainly, just like always, an attack. Just not as easy to discern.

Obama on CO and WA legalizing

Obama on CO and WA legalizing marijuana: "…this is a tough problem because Congress has not yet changed the law. I head up the executive branch; we’re supposed to be carrying out laws."

That's interesting Mr. Obama... but given your stance on the use of executive orders, it seems a bit hypocritical to try to create law via executive order, especially since you said it was your job to carry out laws, and Congress' job to create and change laws.

No need to change. Law was repugnant to Constitution.

That statute is Void and unenforceable. Enforcing it is a violation of Rights and treasonable.

Prohibition of alcohol was done and undone by amendment.

Free includes debt-free!

well my congressman ted yoho

well my congressman ted yoho just recieved another emailfrom me and will recieve a phone call shortly.
i urge everyone to do the same

what exactly were those

what exactly were those executive orders?


What is he signing???

Did Obama just sign an executive order on gun control on live television?

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I don't know, but he'd never

I don't know, but he'd never put himself in a position to get stuck paying for the catering bill.

The time to contact your

The time to contact your elected representatives is RIGHT NOW!

I will continue

I will continue in my imprecatory prayer that the Lord will take the very breath of this impostor president, in whose mouth is full of lies and who has cursed the very Word of God by mocking it.
May the Lord do unto this wicked man, as He did unto that wicked king Herod as he spoke unto the people and the angel of the Lord smote him and the worms ate him!

" In Thee O Lord do I put my trust " ~ Psalm 31:1~


Way to distort history, way to lie to the American people, way to invoke that freedom is part of the American way while restricting those freedoms to her people. I cannot believe the direction our country is going, it's sad to see what is happening.

All the BS propaganda

spewing out his mouth is making me want to go to the pawn shop next door and buy one of everything they have in stock.

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At least he said "defense"

An ambiguous defense, that is. I understood it to mean defense against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

I love you. I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.
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Sickening beyond belief.

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Yes it is, couldn't listen

Yes it is, couldn't listen for more than five minutes.

It is easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled. – Mark Twain

yes, yes it is

yes, yes it is