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How do you know that anything you see is real?

How do you know if what you are seeing on Television is real? How do you know that what you are be shown on the internet is real? How do you know that the conspiracy videos you are being shown are giving you all the details?


But what you do know is how to use common sense to determine what could be real and what might be real and what is likely false.

Sandy Hook happened. In every school in every country there are busy bodies who know everything, especially in the younger grades. Don't you think that someone in the town would think, "Hey, I've never met ANY of the parents who lost kids, and my kids have never even heard of these other kids." Where are those people?

Who did the shooting? Who knows, I don't. Like every has said, we haven't seen the evidence. But then again, we aren't on the investigation team either.

By the way, I've lost someone suddenly and I didn't cry until two weeks later. I remember distinctly, laughing about old memories of him with my siblings. These parents are not acting out of the ordinary for people who are likely still in shock over the loss, still not letting it sink in that their child is gone. YOU ARE HEARTLESS ASSHOLES TO BEHAVE THIS WAY!

Instead of developing INSANE theories of there not being any deaths, or that parents are actors, why don't you focus on something plausible like the multiple shooters, and who this guy in the woods was.

Just because conspiracies exist doesn't mean that everything is a conspiracy. Come back to reality. Start fighting this gun legislation and come out of your mind-warped fantasies.

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You're just cranky waking

You're just cranky waking up.

"How do you know if what you are seeing on Television is real? How do you know that what you are be shown on the internet is real? How do you know that the conspiracy videos you are being shown are giving you all the details?


But what you do know is how to use common sense to determine what could be real and what might be real and what is likely false."

*grumble grumble*

"It's too early!"

*hit SNOOZE, back to sleep*

"Sandy Hook happened."

Get your sleep while you can I guess.

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EGhost57 use of common sense logic must be attributed to a lack of sleep. Since your power of deduction so quickly determined the cause of this post, I would be truly humbled to hear your insights into what really happened at Sandy Hook.

I'd like to have an opinion,

I'd like to have an opinion, but there's no evidence of anything.

End The Fed!
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I'm a heartless asshole then, but I want to see evidence

of THEIR theory. They are the ones who cannot keep their story straight. Leave all the "acting" out of it, there are still huge holes in this story.
If you think the gun ban is important but the exposing the false flag that ushered it in is not, you are missing the forest for the trees.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

You want evidence

that it wasn't a false flag operation committed by the government?

A Google search of "Sandy Hook" will give you 316,000,000 results, much of it reputable reporting about what actually happened. When your done reading that, get back to me if you still find "huge holes in this story" and maybe we can fill them in.

I want evidence of their theory, exactly what I said. Why did

you put words in my mouth?
They claim Lanza shot through the door. Let me see that photo. They claim that there were 2, no 3, no 4 murder weapons with Lanza. How about a photo of the shooter and the murder weapons. They can't seem to count, I'd like to see. Sorry if it is too gory for some, I got hardened after 9-11. I don't like it, but I'll look when it comes down to that or "take their word for it" when they can't keep their own word straight.
I could go on, but there is no point. You go ahead and whine, I'll keep digging for the truth.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.


Your not even going to believe a door was shot unless you see photos of the door?

Do you deny the existence of everything that your not holding empirical evidence of?

I'll just wish you God speed in your "digging".

Not everything is being used as an excuse to attack the

second amendment.
And yes, when a mass murder is perpetrated and trotted all over the media as "news" some of what I expect to see is evidence. That willingness to accept whatever you are told is a quality some find useful, I am sure.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

that's what plants say

'It happened. ..you're heartless. .' Blah blah blah

That exact kind of rhetoric shut enough people down they got away with this war

ecorob's picture

don't get discouraged from the usual suspects around here...

attacking those with a questioning attitude

lets see:

ref the sly
p.nicholson (the "yellow-bellied cowards" guy)

these, and others, always seem to rail against the freedom fighters and liberty seekers here with legitimate questions and concerns

just sayin'

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.


I question that.

Yeah that's right. I'm a plant.

Yeah that's right. I'm a plant. You'd eat your own children if they couldn't prove to you they were yours.

You psychos are doing nothing for the cause of liberty other than making all of us look insane.

How do I know you're not the plant? How do we know that the whole conspiracy theory wasn't developed to keep people distracted while they ram gun bills down our throats.

I could show all the evidence I have that I support Ron Paul to the fullest, but you psychos would just say I'm a sleeper cell.

Wake Up!

I was just making a point

And you don't know me thus you shouldn't except my declarations (sandy hook happened.... sandyhook didn't happen) as fact.

You were right to call out the people declaring certain theories as fact, but then made the (plant-like) conclusion that the msm's story was fact. And then made the very plant-like tactic of name calling. Attacking the messager with name calling is much worse to getting to the truth than attacking behavior. I was doing the later.

The best way to cover a conspiracy

it to make outrageous claims that cast doubt on any conspiracy at all. I'm sure if there were no kids killed and this was all a hoax then someone from that school or community would be on the internet right now screaming that it was all a lie.

On the other hand just because the complete hoax theory doesn't really hold water it doesn't mean that the more probable government orchestrated killings view is any less valid. But in the end it doesn't matter one way or the other because just like every other government atrocity we can't prove anything and it will all be forgotten in due time and the only thing that will change, in this case, is GUN CONTROL.

Your faith

in the government being able to orchestrate this is crazy.

Give me one other example of the government doing anything well.

Hello, are there any other libertarians left out there?

the gov is great at killing people

Taking over industries

Using the media to control conversations

Collecting taxes

Hiding legislation

Making us think we live in a republic

Busting unions

Making people work for less (inflation)


You are a perfect example.

You can't even grasp what my post is saying. I never said the government does things well and that is why they rely on disinformation. I guess they DO do disinformation well. But you know that already don't you?

And if you consider disinformation as something they do well then look at Waco. They murdered those people right in front of American eyes on national television. And apparently they did it well.

It is possible to question things too much

You can start to question reality itself like David Icke.

When it comes to Sandy Hook, I don't think the details matter anyway. Let's say that it happened exactly the way the official story has it: one shooter, and all he used was the demonized Bushmaster AR-15. If that is the case, it still doesn't justify taking away everyone's rights. It was an extremely rare tragedy caused by an evil person, not the implement he used. He could have done the same thing with a handgun. A similar death toll could have also come from a homemade explosive, poison, fire, or running over people with a car.

We all want progress, but if you're on the wrong road, progress means doing an about-turn and walking back to the right road; in that case, the man who turns back soonest is the most progressive.

-C. S. Lewis

He did it wth a hand gun!!!!

Watch this link even NBC says that ONLY HANDGUNS were used. If you will watch the second video it shows a police officer removing a black long gun and clearing the action of the shotgun that only had one round in it. That was clearly a 12 gauge shell not a .223 round. That long gun has been identified by multiple people as a Remington 1100 SHOTGUN with a black plastic stock with a pistol grip. Why has this not become common knowledge? Why do people keep spreading the false info that an "Assault rifle" was used to kill the children so we must ban them?
Everybody and most of the media has played into their hands by spreading false information so that the anti gunners can ban all guns. Start advising people of the truth.


How can you be so quick to

How can you be so quick to say he did it with a hand gun? What proof do you have other than the reports which also said he did it with the rifle, that the rifle was in the car, that there were reports of second shooters. The same reporters that interview actors.

Do you yet see how insane it is to use the evidence of the reports to refute the evidence of the reports? In the age of modern reporting they get lots of things wrong.

Or am I wrong, did you see him shoot someone with the handguns?

What proof ...

What proof could possibly satisfy you? I don't think that anything could. I think that anything other than you being an eye witness would eliminate you questioning anybody and anything. This is only one of the many reports that I have heard and seen that say the same thing. I know what it looks like when you clear a 12 gauge shell from a shotgun.It is slow and deliberate because of the weight in contrast to the much lighter and smaller .223 round. I have done it many times. A 223 round is smaller and from that distance you probably would not have been able to be seen it unless sunlight reflected off of it. I know that it would not be in the best interest of the media and the assault rifle gun grabbers to come out and tell the truth. I know that if it came down to saying that only a handgun was used or perpetuating a lie to build emotional outrage against fire arms the media and many others would choose to lie or at the very least remain silent. I have to go in the direction that the truth is less likely to come from the majority of the media in this situation.


Can anyone even prove that

Can anyone even prove that Adam Lonza existed? His "brother" said he hadn't seen him in years. Maybe he was murdered years ago, and they saved the body for this shooting? Maybe his mother is an agent for the CIA and he tried to stop her from committing this mass murder but TPTB went ahead with it anyway?

I haven't heard any evidence to the contrary, have you?


pigs can fly? I haven't read a scientific study saying they can't.

Pigs now have the burden of proof to demonstrate to me that they can't fly.

I don't know

about the epistemological scepticism that is premised here.

But the rest of your post is greatly needed.

The most insidious act I have witnessed resulting from these insane theories is the denial of people's realities. Accusing the whole town of being actors means that they are fake people living fake lives. This is something that occurs in the worst totalitarian regimes, and are NOT libertarian principles.

People are saying that these "fake" people are depicting "fake" grief in video clips. Truly sad. Some of these nuts are even calling these "fake" people up and giving them threats... all justified because they are not fully human.


"Don't you think that someone in the town would think, "Hey, I've never met ANY of the parents who lost kids, and my kids have never even heard of these other kids." Where are those people?"

they WON'T be on TV - I'm sure there are plenty who are asking that, but remember - the families have troopers assigned to them so no one can 'bother' them.

I understand how you feel, but refusing to wake up won't help in the long run.

Or just maybe, these people

Or just maybe, these people don't exist because people DO know these families and these children did die. NO! that's just to crazy to believe isn't it.

Thank you. It had to be said.

And this also has to be said. There are too many unanswered questions that any thinking person cannot ignore. It is the same with Aurora and other events.

These events have been used as the spring board to launch Gun Control. Even before the funerals the deaths were being used for political gain. Disgusting.