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Obama Signs Executive Order Pertaining to Gun Control (1/16/2013)

At the conclusion of President Obama's White House press conference this morning pertaining to future gun control regulations, Obama signed an executive order pertaining to gun control.

If anyone has a link to the text of that order, I will add it to the thread. That I can see, nothing has been posted on whitehouse.gov about the order yet.

This is where I think it will appear:


Edit: Yahoo article - http://news.yahoo.com/obamas-23-executive-orders-gun-violenc...

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I think more specific the link will be here


this is for the January 2013 Executive Orders

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Surprised he didn't do more EOs


That has the whole document with the executive orders in it below the article. Unreal.

Start the impeachment

Start the impeachment process.

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There are no new E.O.s posted for 2013,....yet.

This shit is heading down the pipe no doubt..