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Summary of Obama's Executive Orders on Gun Control

1. Create more exhaustive lists of law-abiding gun owners for the benefit of the central government (Criminals will continue to go through the black market anyway)

2. Launch a nationwide campaign to inform gun control activists in the psychiatry community how to label gun owners so that they may be disarmed

3. Turn doctors into snitches for gun control purposes and reassure them that they will not be prosecuted

4. Channel more taxpayer money to the Military Industrial Complex under the guise of "gun safety technologies"

5. Prepare for the implementation of a TSA style agency to molest children at government schools and condition them to accept the police state

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Hell No

I could care less if my doctor asks me if I have guns. My answer will be none of your damn business. The same answer I will give to anybody who ask me questions about my private life as a free man. People in this country need to learn to keep their mouth shut about their private life!!!!!!

I'm sorry, the NRA needs to thank the President

NRA: We need to heartfully thank President Obama for his actions that have substantially increased our organizations membership and the monumental increase in gun sales through the independent gun dealers who support us. We wish to present the president with our award, "Gun Salesman of the Year" without his contribution this historic achievement would not have been possible.

This is an award that GOA might give, but not the NRA.

The NRA would praise Obama for his safety and security measures.

The NRA is in bed with Obama and Biden. The NRA is their dirty infected whore.