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Pursuing the Agenda for Utopia

The bills are always already written beforehand just waiting for the opportunity to implement them. This fact is independent of any potential government involvement in the actual events that spur action. At the least, the planners are opportunists.

They believe they are "guiding" the world to a more perfect state - their vision of utopia. Any chance they get to march towards their ends, they pounce. In many cases, I'm sure that they rationalize that the ends justify the means.

Historically, as people become more free, society becomes more productive. As the planners reduce freedom in attempts to achieve their goals, they will find that the opposite result will be realized for nearly all of their policy directives.

In all planned societies, compromises must be made due to the fact that an entire population doing nothing cannot support itself. They must allow some amount of freedom for the productive in order to keep them producing. In the Marxist vision that most governments seem to be implementing, it will be inevitable that the productive will have to bear an ever increasing burden as people find that they don't have to work because "the government will take care of them" - as if the government has any money of its own.

Naturally, people search for the least demanding method of survival, and once they find something suitable, they stick with it. If you pay people to do nothing, they will do nothing in most cases. Beware! Financial dependence is a step in the direction of serfdom.

The consequences of mainstream political philosophy will be to subjugate the productive to subsidize the unproductive until everyone becomes unproductive (towards society) because it will not pay to work.

With taxes and inflation as they are now, I will only work enough as needed for my survival and not a bit more. On the other hand, when it comes to trying to maintain or acquire freedom, I will work for free if necessary.

Until I have the ability to enjoy more completely the fruits of my labor, they can kiss my ass. I am not 40% a slave. Are you?

To hell with the planners vision of utopia.

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The bad thing

The bad thing is that we are living in a society that has been planned for decades. How do you undo decades or more of interference by the PTB even if we were able to eliminate their influence now. The damage has been done.

planned for over 100 years if

planned for over 100 years if you go back to the fabian socialists. planned for millenia after trial and error, and now they think they have the perfect form of dictatorship. technotronic, socialism on the bottom, fascist-corporatist at the top, and a technocracy to keep us sheep in line. we'll see, i guess...