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Kicked-Out Maine Delegate Challenging RNC Chair. Ben Swann: "Game On" Need One More State

We all remember what happened at the convention. Ben Swann says Mark Willis needs one more state or three more Republican committee members by Friday, Jan. 24th. All out on the phones!

Ben Swann Full Disclosure: The Man Who May Challenge Reince Priebus


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Is there an actual

list of people that regular RNC members can get a hold of who would be able to write up the endorsement letter? Not really sure what a generic comment is going to do, but if there's a directory of the qualified state leadership who can actually get this happening, and a bunch of RNC members can put a bug in their ear about it, I'm sure there would be more action.

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hey looky here

Republican National Committee members

Release the Sandy Hook video.

RNC Chair

Mark is great! He would make a great chair, but more importantly, Priebus should not run unopposed.

No comments? So I guess

No comments? So I guess everybody here wants Priebus back? ;)

Get to calling and e-mailing! We just need 1 more state to back Willis.