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I Want a Liberty Girlfriend!

There was a similar post not too long ago. Just having a little fun. I feel that I know myself well-enough now, to know that it would be a blessing to have a girlfriend/future wife who had similar political views to me.

Any single, Liberty-loving women out there?

Joe in MD


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Love your advice!

"It's not a game" is right -- he is embarking on a commitment to bring another (or more than one) soul into this world. It is an ambitious undertaking, and "dating" might not seem like the first step but, it is. :)

As I mentioned in my other post to this thread, I took it slow -- to your "try not to let lust cloud your thinking". Love blossomed. It is wonderful.

I love you. I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.
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get a girlfriend and then open her eyes

That's what I did. She's now a proud Ron Paul voter and more open to the real world around her.

In fact open the eyes of all those around you. It's helped my family and friends tremendously.

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Good luck Joe!

Reconnected with an old friend last summer, started dating, will be married this year.

I can't give you a whole lot of advice as we used to know each other half our lives ago, and reconnected -- so there's different energy than if we never knew each other.

One thing that I did, though, was to take it slow, and always say what I am thinking rather than what I think she wanted to hear. Sometimes that caused some strife, but hey, she's marrying me! :)

Turned out she's been liberty-based her entire life, so she had a hard time with the term "awakened" which I learned just before we reconnected, here.

Hmm, how about that: I started here, and ended up married. Thanks Michael!!!

I love you. I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.
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"Always say what you're

"Always say what you're thinking instead of what you think she wants to hear" - Words to live by.

Always say what you're thinking.

That's a funny one. That will change after 2 years of marriage. Hopefully, you'll figure that one out before two years and save your marriage. LOL

What you are saying would be equivalent of a dog wagging it's tail at a cat. A) The cat doesn't understand the dog's is trying to express and B) the cat will likely end up finding it annoying and possibly claw at the dog or hiss.

I agree to not try to say what you think she wants to hear. That said, the fact is men and women are different. Learn to translate or not at your own peril. But you'll have to get past yourself to do it. Though once you do, you'll actually find it liberating.

You REALLY want a Liberty Girlfriend???

Then geeze man, create one!!! I've found that many many females are receptive to the message, but it requires a delicate approach. I'll put forth my suggestion, take it or leave it.

Creating A Liberty-Minded Girlfriend

After you have plowed through the silly superficial conversation that's apart of any new relationship, it is your responsibility to introduce the big "L." Not Love, but Liberty. The best way to ease someone into an idea is to speak confidently about the information you know, and to avoid the Left vs Right paradigm and talking points.

Personally, economics is my avenue. Some of the smartest people on earth have no idea how to explain interest rates, or what "monetizing the debt" really means. When you articulate it clearly, you are seen as a powerful and conscious man. If you explain the process of inflation, she will listen and absorb. What an amazing experience to unravel the truth of these topics to someone you fancy.

The greatest resource we have is the internet. If you're anything like me, you have a favorites folder with about 1,500 Ron Paul, Tom Woods, Peter Schiff, etc... videos. Pick one that is NOT political yet entertaining. If she resists, then perhaps she's not the one for you. If she is open to learning more then you should prepare, based on the experience thus far, how to reveal the bigger picture. The reason I like presenting Economics is that you can develop the war between the Austrian & the Keynesian school of thought. Explain the history and the implications of each. The Tom Woods video below is a GREAT start.

A few videos that I suggest playing for the introduction
1. Tom Woods - Austrian Economics: Why It Matters
2.Hayak vs. Keynes Rap
3. Ron Paul vs The Media Industrial Complex
4. Amanda Doing what she does best - showing that knowledgeable females are the best
5. The Dollar Bubble
6. My favorite Ron Paul compilation
7. My other favorite compilation

Get her to start thinking about why regulations might be bad. But generally, that limiting FREEDOM is always bad in the end. Do not feel you have to find a woman who has already been enlightened, go create one!

My daughter is liberty minded and lives in PA

She has very high standards and says there aren't any good ones out there. She is a very quality person. Broken alot of hearts. Smart, lawyer, athletic, cheery disposition, liberty minded, and christian.

Precisely why....

I posted the non-negotiable list of 10 items below these schlubs around here have to do to get a quality women.

Note how many of the "wild hairs" are voting me down and disagreeing with me.

I'll bet if you read that list of 10 items below they would be things your daughter would insist upon as a bare minimum.

There would not even be a chance

without them doing the 10 things you said.

She would also want a person who is not obsessed with football. They would need to be athletic, christian, intelligent, have manners, have a professional job, and be college educated. He would need to be positive, ambitious, but content, of very high ethical standards, fun loving and he better not try to put a move on her until after marrage. But he would have an absolutely wonderful wife. I have two other daughters but this is the flagship daughter. Everyone who knows her loves her.

lol, 'flagship daughter'?

Do the two tugboats have to stay in her shadow?

Exactly my point, but...

...look at the guys arguing with me below. It's funny, but also kind of sad. And then they wonder why they can't find someone.


on average, are more practical than men. Sure, there are plenty of romantic ones. But majority does not care what is in your head. Ideas come and go. They are more interested what you, as a man, can achieve in your dreamed about "free society." Few men, however, can demonstrate either real abilities or tangible achievements and are eager to blame the usual scapegoats. A woman can get bored fast from an idle talk (I mean our idle talk, talk about shopping and stuff is important.).

I agree with the "meetup" reply

but you probably already know all the Ron Paul supporters, so I would pick a related topic. Gardening, self reliance, off grid living, etc. You may have to alter your search parameters slightly. Be open to love. Say "I am ready to love a woman" and when a woman comes along ready to love you, rejoice. But you may have to liberate her mind yourself. Just find one who respects you and your opinions, and is at least awake enough to know something is just not right. You can take it from there.

This is the article that got my posting privileges revoked:

Still working on a harem

and recruiting :)

Start by making sure you are doing the following...

1) shave daily, incl. moustache and beard
2) shower daily, even if it's just a short one
3) brush teeth (with non-flouride toothpaste) and comb hair each day
4) tuck shirt in
5) get an OFFLINE, OUTDOOR activity you enjoy and make it a priority to do regularly
6) and an OFFLINE, REAL LIFE hobby whether civic service, target practice, ballroom dancing, doesn't matter and make it a priority to do regularly
7) go to church weekly
9) Do one OFFLINE, REAL LIFE social event each week
10) READ How to Win Friends and Influence People

Do these things and you will have to fight them off within 2 years. Within 2 years you will be dating multiple women at the same time.

LOL...if you have to tell

LOL...if you have to tell someone to do #2 and #3 , well.......

“Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it’s realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy.”
― Ron Paul

Around here you might be suprised.



I do fine with my facial hair. Church? No thanks. Read how to win friends?

This is self-help hog wash.

No train to Stockholm.

Facial hair is not unattractive.

Church is only to catch a Christian woman, great if you're a Christian and terrible if you aren't;)

But that book he is talking about? I actually read that years ago and it's amazing! It's not really about winning friends at all, that's a really stupid title. It's basically about improving communication and how to get farther in life.

Good luck! I hope you find her:)

The world is my country, all mankind are my brethren, and to do good is my religion.
-Thomas Paine

You're obviously a dude.

Ask a woman. As said, your opinion is irrelevant in this matter.

As is yours

Presenting your opinions as if they were fact doesn't make them so.

Your "non-negotiable" list is a shining example. 7 would only apply to Christians (and even then, not all Christians), 10 is entirely unnecessary (the same info can be found in MANY other places) and outside of work/formal activities, does anyone *really* care about 4?

A signature used to be here!

Again, another dude trying to resist.

Ask a woman. Your opinion here is irrelevant.

Hey, I like facial hair on a dude

The guy I am married to BEGAN growing it once he started dating me. But it is true that most of my friends don't like facial hair. Although...most of my friends aren't exactly liberty-minded, or even particularly political. So I don't know how helpful that is.

Nice list

1. I'm reminded of the gorilla in this video clip I posted at that other site. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=-ssXJ...

2. I'd probably add: avoid shoes that look like this.
(Women prefer black high top Keds... cowboy boots... loafers... Rockports... wingtips... Birkenstocks... basically anything but shoes that looked like that.)

3. Some women could live with a mustache and beard, I guess, if they had to. I mean like, under duress or something. Well, at least a mustache. Maybe.

P.S. Good point that it was irrelevant how men felt about your list.

When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.
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Black and white check?

That's ridiculous....now if it were orange and black....

Shave OFF and STAY shaven daily.

Men's opinions on the list above are IRRELEVANT unless you are trying to pick up men. LOL

Occasionally, you'll run across a "3%-er" who does not need to do the list above.

However, since you ASKED about getting a liberty girlfriend, it is 100% conclusive evidence that you are NOT a "3%-er" and you need to do all 10 things on this list INCLUDING shaving off your stache and beard.

Do you mean shave "off" your moustache and beard...

or keep them well groomed?

Beards are back!

Oh and be sure to add to your list having a visible Ron Paul bumper sticker on your car!

I am for peace: but when I speak, they are for war. Ps 120:7
Better to be divided by truth than united in error.
The local church(not a building -a people) is the missing link. The time to build is now.

How many

women or teeth would one lose if he uses flouride?


I guess you can use flouride if you want. It will just dull your wits over time.

tuck shirt in? not gonna

tuck shirt in? not gonna happen