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I Want a Liberty Girlfriend!

There was a similar post not too long ago. Just having a little fun. I feel that I know myself well-enough now, to know that it would be a blessing to have a girlfriend/future wife who had similar political views to me.

Any single, Liberty-loving women out there?

Joe in MD


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Which is why you date ugly chicks.

Or none at all.

This is a non-negotiable list if you want the kind of women I bet you want.

actually I date hot women

actually I date hot women under 40 and they couldnt give a shit about tucking a shirt in...that's for conformists..enjoy your khakis and penny loafers hahahaha

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never saw

an ugly chick in my life

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence

I think what you mean is that you want a girlfriend.

Liberty is popular, and with patience you can get just about anyone to come around to the libertarian way of thinking.

Guys (and girls), if you are struggling to find a mate, there are resources and literature to help. There are entire communities revolving around socializing and seduction. (Not that I am anywhere near an expert or pick-up artist, I'm just putting the info out there.)

If you need a place to start, pick up the following books...

The Art of Seduction- Robert Greene
The Game- Neil Strauss

Also you can browse sites like reddit.com/r/seduction

You might be amazed by what you learn.

There was actually a study a

There was actually a study a bit ago that looked at relationships and political affiliations. The interesting thing is that despite not really talking to their partner about politics most times, people were still somehow able to find those who fit with what they believe in a majority of cases.
What this says to me is that politics is not really going to be a defining area of a given person, unless they make it so. Finding someone with similiar interests takes care of politics in otherwords, without the need to focus on it. Further, once people are together, I am sure that I dont have to make clear that most people want to support their partner and take an interest in what they do and believe. So regardless of how they were before, if they are a good match in many other areas, it wouldnt take a whole lot nudge them towards where you are. Obviously this is in all cases.
In otherwords, try focusing on finding someone who is similiar rather than just on politics, unless of course politics is a hobby/way of life for you.
Just my opinions. As always, do as you see fit.

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.

Pick up girls at Hobby-Lobby,

Pick up girls at Hobby-Lobby, Mises Circle events, or at your next county convention.

Southern Agrarian

every time I see one of these threads

I can't help but think of this


(Warning: "f" word at the beginning for the sensitive types)

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Nice. XD

Nice. XD

Heck yea!

Must out breed the statists!

Turned my wife into one....

She isn't as hardcore about it as I am, but she went from being a New Jersey liberal when we first married to basically agreeing with most of my views. All it took was me boring her to death with this stuff for 4 years.

Free market capitalism isn't right for America because it works better. It's right because it's free (and it works better).

I'm a single,

Liberty-lovin' woman!!

However, since I'm also a great granny, I don't think I'm what you had in mind. :)

Honestly, good luck, hon--I hope you find her. I hope you find her and raise a slew of liberty-lovin' kids, too.

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Rallies are good places to

Rallies are good places to meet girls.

I used to have a thing for Kathryn DeLong, but she's in NY and I think she has a boyfriend anyway.

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try meetup.com

Go to meetup.com and find a Ron Paul group or some other liberty minded group in your area. Maybe there will be some single ladies at the meetings. It would be a perfect, not so set up and awkward, place to meet someone. Good luck!

Here's one for you: http://www.meetup.com/ronpaul-MD-AnneArundelCounty/