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Conspiracy Theorist: The new "N_Word"

The bigots and cowards have found a new way to discard and dismiss a whole segment of God's creations. They did this with slaves, women and returning service members from Vietnam.

The term Conspiracy Theorist, is used as viciously as the n-word, slut, or baby killer. Human history has shown that the people who resort to these barbed under-cutting terms end up being the most vile in society.

The ironic part is, these scoundrels have found shortcuts to intensify their bullying while passing legislation condenming bullying abuses. Society catches up to their deceptive tactics years later. They lose no political capital because they ride out their treachery on the front wave of a new found loophole that diminishes groups of people through hostile verbal assault.

Fear of being called fat, slut,the n-word, or baby killer keeps people in their place and thus, they end up disengaging from the workings of society. The new term to carve people from participating in converation is "Conspiracy Theorist" in front of one's peers. The actually threat of being called a conspiracy nut is just as effective.

And so it goes on. Hatred and suppression continues in our society, it has just evolved into a new clever shiny tactic.

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This sounds like

a conspiracy theory.