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Drone Attacks, Gun Control, And The Monsters That Make It Possible

There is no shortage of factors that contribute to the culture of violence that dominates the United States and the rest of the world. Blame is assigned to video games, psychiatric drugs, the media, gangs, movies, illegal drug trafficking, and firearms. Each of these has been cited as contributing factors to the high amount gun homicides in this country. The mass shootings that have occurred in the past year are beyond troubling and rightfully have left the citizens of the United States scrambling for answers that could prevent similar horrific acts from occurring in the future. In order to make our schools, shopping malls, movie theaters, and other attractions safer, we need to enhance the ability for individuals to defend their own life and the lives of others who are unable to defend themselves.

President Obama unveiled his federal gun control proposal hours ago. As expected, he was flanked by young children and completed the press conference by high fiving and hugging each child. Even the most sycophantic supporters of the President must admit that Mr. Obama is exploiting these youngsters in order to make his agenda more emotionally appealing. Educated observers will categorize Mr. Obama’s behavior as being the height of hypocrisy. These individuals are correct to view the President actions today in conjuction with the murder of children in faraway lands at the hands of drone bombings. The United States government’s stance of declaring these death necessary collateral damage as a result of the war on “terror” and then exploiting children in this country to advance a dangerous agenda is sickening. It is hard to fathom a logical, fair individual reacting with anything less than outrage to Obama’s use children in order to shield and soften the most authoritarian decree in the countries’ history.

Most honest people would refer to a President that practices this type of behavior as a monster. Fortunately, there exists a growing number of individuals that have awaken to the President’s despicable use of drone warfare and the resulting collateral damage that frequently results in the death of young children in Pakistan, Yemen, and many other far way lands. It is disturbing that more reporters in the “watchdog” media are not concerned with the safety of children in Pakistan? Do the members of the establishment media believe that only American children deserve the privilege of being raised in a safe environment?

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at LionsofLiberty has been updated with the most recent UK violent crime rates and Ben Swann's newest reality check.

Good read for all interested in what is the effect

of drones buzzing overhead 24/7


There was

a poll on yahoo and something like 85% of those polled approved on the use of drones. Lots of work to do. Thanks for reading a posting that link.


What an appropriate term.

I think this is the biggest gap to breach. We rightfully see these people as "Monsters". Most people, even those that don't love politicians, think they are just ordinary guys who mean well. Some at worst may even think they are 'corrupt'. But the reality is so much deeper.

They are psychopaths.

They are Monsters.

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