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Libertarian Whole Foods Founder John Mackey Likens ObamaCare to Fascism

NPR:...outspoken founder and co-CEO John Mackey is not the crunchy granola liberal one might conjure while perusing aisles of earnestly labeled blue corn chips and gently misted red peppers.

In fact, he's a self-styled libertarian: a vegan who sells sustainably raised meat, a man who compares the government's health care overhaul to "fascism" but wants to improve American diets.

And he thinks big businesses have an obligation to change customers' perception that big corporations are "primarily selfish and greedy." (Not that he's opposed to profits. In fact, Whole Foods posted a 49 percent boost in quarterly earnings in November.)

Listen to the full Mackey interview at NPR

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he doesn't want to be labeled

he doesn't want to be labeled as a libertarian so the title of this post is libertarian!

Actually, everyone should

Actually, everyone should respect and love this company. I live and work in Asia and there is nothing like it here or even in Europe. Sure we have small Organic or "Bio" stores, or sections in normal stores, but Whole Foods is completely AWESOME and nothing compares.

Every time we go back, my wife and I spend hours just in Whole Foods looking at all the interesting products. It's truly magnificent and if you are a Freemarket Capitalist you have to seriously appreciate all the small companies and brands on their shelves. I'm extremely impressed with this guy's business model and it's what America is all about.

Go to a normal supermarket in the States and all you find is Corporate Fascism, walk into Whole Foods and you see Freemarket heaven. Sure it could be better, but there's nothing like it out there in the world.

This store is one reason I miss the US.

That was painful. That woman

That was painful. That woman should not be doing interviews. She's about as down-to-earth, warm, and charming as a high school female gym coach. The entire interview she looked like he farted the whole time.

Voting with my wallet.

Remember this guy was boycotted for opposing Obamacare.

This guy is like Hank Reerden

I frequent his store at the Cranbrook location in Ann Arbor. They have natural healthy foods unfettered by Monsanto and other killer creeps. The best part is they have Michigan Craft Beer on tap.
You Rock John Mackey!

For Freedom!
The World is my country, all mankind is my brethren, to do good is my religion.

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Peace from Mt. Pleasant and yay for Michigan Craft Beer!

Former employee

I worked at a Whole Foods warehouse for about a year. While I think the company is a good company to work for their warehouse operations were a mess. Often times I would work 14 hour days, four days a week. This might not sound too horrid but it was mentally destructive. Employees would call off just to maintain sanity, thereby increasing the workload for everyone else. Also, some employees learned to manipulate statistics to make them appear as though they worked harder or were more efficient, lowering morale for those who worked just as hard or harder than their co-workers. I imagine working at the stores would have been a might more pleasant experience. I never got to meet Mr. Mackey, but I did meet some higher-level warehouse managers and they were very pleasant and had the same "libertarian" mindset. Perhaps the warehouse issues were limited to the one I worked at, but I never had the chance to talk to others. Our local warehouse "leaders" were hardly that; they were definitely more concerned with lining their pockets and did not have the mindset of the high-level counterparts. That being said, I still like Whole Foods, but there is definitely room for improvements, which I am sure higher-ups like Mackey, would agree.

Not to be a prick, but have

Not to be a prick, but have you ever ran a corporation with thousands of employees? I used to complain like you when I was younger. I was a paperboy, dug ditches, worked in restaurants, bars, hotels, major electronic retailers and complained about all of them. All of my complaints had merit too. Then I started my own company when I was 37 and still operate it to this day, and I laugh at my old self. I really didn't know what the hell I was talking about. Operating a company with managers, employees, vendors, distributors, and clients is CHAOTIC at best and HELLACIOUS at worst.

Start your own business, then judge your past working experiences and employers....

Unfortunately, Whole Foods must sell overpriced products

that the average person cannot afford, because as he cites, the reasons are too much government regulation, the highest corporate taxes in the world and Obama's ridiculous health care plan.


and high real estate and

and high real estate and property taxes in ny and elsewhere

All paper money eventually returns to its real intrinsic value, zero. - Voltaire

This is why...

people need to look for the Non-GMO Project aproved label:

also you can pick up a Non-GMO shopping guide here:

also from this site:
Currently commercialized GM crops in the U.S. include soy (94%), cotton (90%), canola (90%), sugar beets (95%), corn (88%), Hawaiian papaya (more than 50%), zucchini and yellow squash (over 24,000 acres)

So either avoid these foods that are not labeled non-GMO or grow your own.

Even at farmers markets vendors are selling GMO food with the perseption that they are natural. You need to ask the farmer what variety they are growing and verify it's non-GMO

Take back your health by giving your body the nurtients you need.

Download free mp3's of Dr. Wallach's radio show "Dead Doctors don't Lie" here:

genetically manipulated foods?

The problem I have with the outcry over GMO is the confusion in my mind over exactly what it means. Hybrids are genetically manipulated crops, are they not? Was it Mendel who was the father of genetics and discovered it through manipulation of pea plants?

Genetics of plant have been manipulated for over a century. As a child, I remember fifty years ago, Monsanto employed high school kids to de-tassle corn on their farm! How can I, at this point, demand that they stop the manipulation? Don't we get more resilient crops from this manipulation? Too bad they can't mix in the resiliency of cannabis with corn, because the cannabis is a little more drought resistant. They could have used some of that around here, last year. The corn that grows seven feet high was only waste high, in areas of southern Illinois.

Michael G Langley, MD

Hybrids are NOT the same as GMO

A hybrid is simply breeding two different varieties (a cross). For animals this would be like breeding a Holstien cow (black and white) with a Jersey bull (brown) you will get a calf that is mixed (perfectly healthy natural process). GMO crops are Geneticly manipulated at the molecular level. This involes using a virus to force foreign DNA into genes. This would be like breeding a cow to have a calf with 6 legs or 2 heads or a cow that produces chocolate milk. (they have actually genenticly modified a goat to milk silk!)

I understand that Alex Jones makes out Hybrids to be bad (not a big fan)
The main disadvantage of a Hybrid over a Heirloom is that you cannot save your seed from a hybrid and get predictable results. But in no way is this the same as GMO.

Please visit to learn more on this

Take back your health by giving your body the nurtients you need.

Download free mp3's of Dr. Wallach's radio show "Dead Doctors don't Lie" here:


He just plugged Mises, and Rothbard!

I am an even bigger fan of Whole Foods now!

Check out the Laissez-Faire Journal at

"The State is a gang of thieves writ large." - Murray Rothbard

Fox scrubbed any mention of Rothbard from the transcript!

Check out the Laissez-Faire Journal at

"The State is a gang of thieves writ large." - Murray Rothbard

A good example of how to

A good example of how to engage an audience. Like him I never call Ron Paul or myself a 'Libertarian' because Ron Paul is also an Independent and Republican and Constitutionalist, etc. Mackey explains himself as a 'conscious capitalist' which might as well describe Austrian economics/free market economics, but offer that large liberal audience the opportunity to segregate any negative feelings towards political words and engage that audience, and in line with his book.

I often visit whole foods to buy a few products, but since I'm a student and pay 6.8% interest on everything I spend (b/c I have to borrow more if I spend more), I have sacrificed my ideal foods a bit. Trader Joe's is a a good compromise having better prices but still some quality food that doesn't have toxic food dyes, preservatives, and other carcinogens in their products.


That way you can easily share it on FB or w/e.

Healthy food is worth every penny.

I am far from rich but, I rarely feel guilty about spending a little extra money to put good fuel in my body.

I'm proud to support this guy and his operation.

Good interview - Greta can still kiss my (_!_)

wonderful economists to study!!!!!

I like how he used the dollar vote technique to cultivate the supply and demand concepts closer to the roots of econ: this could soon lead the viewer to question the reasoning behind market failure

A true flower can not blossom without sunlight and a true man can not live without love.

I am moving to Texas, love

I am moving to Texas, love from Missouri

I guess this doesnt have

I guess this doesnt have anything to do with the video, but I had to tell someone lol because I decided like an hour ago lol

Congrats, sounds like an

Congrats, sounds like an adventure and a new beginning with new opportunities.

This guy is one of the most

This guy is one of the most influential activists around. Imagine how many "granola liberals" his message of liberty has reached.

Very good point.

Also when he was talking about helping other business owners become more conscience it made me think that it would also have a similar effect of influencing people.