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Check points my letter to the Livingston PD

Subject of email:

Why do we (The Livingston PD) like to rape motorist?


For forgetting to inspect their vehicles? How much money did you rape out of us on your last checkpoint? I would really like to know how much money your little town banked from poor people like me who just happened to be driving through. You are the modern definition for highway robbery. I hope you are all proud of the great service you are doing for your community. I really thought you were helping people that day and was thankful. However, now I know the truth and I should have known better. The truth is that it was all a ploy to generate income through the indirect taxation of traffic summons and to accustom motorist to intrusive checkpoints established by the NHTSA to condition us to your un-constitutional searches to steal even more money with the smoke and mirrors of to prevent duis or for motorist safety meanwhile 90% of your tickets don't involve duis or anything to do with the reason the checkpoint was set up. Again thank you, I don't know what I would do with out your extortion.


Yoan Ante


I would love to see your answer on the frequently asked questions page. Thank you.
Keep "protecting and serving"
I know how dangerous police work can be in Livingston with all the violent crime and all so please if you ever need to raise more money to help the cause you can count on me. /Sarc off

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Please feel free to email them about how you feel about these checkpoints @ police@livingstonnj.org

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