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The Agenda on WhiteHouse.gov

I tried to watch Obama announce his new laws today by following this link: http://www.whitehouse.gov/live I missed the time, apparently, but as they were fairly hotly debated today, I expected a quick link to the video. Under the notification that they were off the air, there were (and are) three categories: Twitter Stream, Featured Videos and Recent Blog Posts.

I looked in the featured videos, and I want to actually transcribe the titles I saw, as these things tend to change:

• Holidays at the White House
• White House Time-Lapse: The 2012 Gingerbread Dough White House (which contrary to the possible ironic implications, actually links to a video of little chefs in white hats bustling about at superhuman speed)
• President Obama Speaks on the Ongoing Response to Hurricane Sandy
• Vice President Biden Attends the 113th Army vs. Navy Football Game
• President Obama Talks #My2k with The Santana Family.

Talks what with who?! Ah, a video of people that like Obama because he literally paid them. Nice. Do these guys know there’s a battle for fundamental rights going on? Where’s the video of him meeting with the family with two kids whose health care costs have already risen because of a law they never wanted, the ones without the fancy arches and recessed lighting? Where is the family of the boy he had executed? Who chooses what videos we get from our illustrious executive branch? Who works for who?

So they managed to sidetrack me for a moment. Point for their team. I hit the twitter feed. As I read through it, I found the message about the issue I came looking for. Nearly every post in the feed starts with a # and the first few words are all crammed together: NowIsTheTime. You are getting very sleepy.

RT @[]: #NowIsTheTime to require background checks for all gun sales
RT @[] : #NowIsTheTime to work together to reduce gun violence. RT if you agree
RT @[]: I had 2 get fingerprinted & background checkd 2 run a school arts program. But not 2 purchase firearms. Our kids R worth it.
RT @[]:RT @VP: Today, the President & I put forth a plan to protect our nation's kids. #NowIsTheTime to get it done. Read our plan http://t.co/0ItNTVIP -VP
RT @[]: I had to get a background check to volunteer in my daughters' school. I support requiring background check for gun purchases. #NowIsTheTime

I don’t know yet what the President passed down, but I think I get the jist. I must confess, I don’t use twitter, but I’m generally tech-savvy. Not too long ago, I had to search for why everyone was putting these number signs in front of stuff. I suppose a lot of the people who live in big cities and wear fancy shoes probably see and understand twitter feeds. I don’t really know what defines the demographic, but they all certainly seem to have the same opinion, the same undying support for the President to take over yet another role of local and state governments. I believe we can police our own. Maybe I am biased.

I’ll bite. I clicked on one of the highlighted NowIsTheTime’s:

• The White House @whitehouse #NowIsTheTime to protect our children & our communities by reducing gun violence. Read the President's plan: http://wh.gov/now-is-the-time
• Even conservative icons Ronald Reagan & Justice Scalia have recognized the need for commonsense protections from gun violence #NowIsTheTime
• #NowIsTheTime to require background checks for all gun sales http://Wh.gov/nowisthetime
• interesting how @twitter informs public debate through arguments grounded in real-world examples [link]
• Great examples of things ppl also need backgound checks for when arguing we should have them for guns http://wh.gov/nowisthetime
• RT @[] I have to get a background check to be a tutor, you should get one to buy a gun #nowisthetime #stopthefuneral

That is the second time in two days they’ve tried to subdue response, telling people they have a voice in the regime. They tried to pass it off in the response to the secession petitions too. And someone thinks the national government should require background checks for a whole list of things, because we already have background checks for someone to help us with our math?! They’re probably on the payroll. Who knows?

I can’t help but wonder how much of the other side of the argument is represented in a twitter feed. What percentage of the “conservatives” who enjoy and believe in their already severely restricted right to bear arms use hash tags? Is it the same percentage of the “liberals” supporting more centralized power? I still couldn’t tell you what “RT” means.

I would wager that the voice of all of those people who just want to go on living their lives, the 89 million people, for example, who were eligible voters and didn’t bother casting in favor of one of The Commission’s two leftovers in 2012, aren’t being heard when it comes to not making a new law. In all the clamour of Washington DC, the people who just want to be left well enough alone, those more concerned with getting to work, or making school lunches, or catching a beer, than who the President is invading, have no voice at all. To them, freedom shouldn’t have to be defended at home on a daily basis. They shouldn’t have to constantly vote no just to keep what they already have, and their not allowed to vote in DC even if they want to.

Small fries for now, sure, but we’re seeing the same forces that led to secession from the union the first time. It even rhymes a bit with the American Revolution. People felt their sovereign right to govern themselves was being taken by a system that favored geographically and culturally distinct regions over others. They believed the federal government had overstepped it’s clearly intended boundaries, so they declared their independence. The executive response to the petitions for peaceful secession quoted Lincoln, who formed an army to invade sovereign states, causing the deaths of hundreds of thousands of men and women and a long lasting divide: “in contemplation of universal law and of the Constitution the Union of these States is perpetual." The invading nation won the war, but the people and state sovereignty lost. Nowhere else on the planet did the people pay such a price for the end of the African slave trade, and neither did they in America.

Here’s another quote from the same speech, for future reference: “I have no purpose, directly or indirectly, to interfere with the institution of slavery in the States where it exists. I believe I have no lawful right to do so, and I have no inclination to do so.” If not with slavery, with what, healthcare? He hadn't figured out the all-encompassing loopholes in the commerce clause and necessary and proper clause yet, or he could have arrested everyone who transported slaves across borders and detained them. Instead he just suspended constitutional rights and declared martial law. How do you feel about Obama doing that? Those executive orders have been written for some time now. They're ready.

Before Lincoln, it was common knowledge that governments “deriv[e] their just powers from the consent of the governed, That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government.”

Hamilton’s economic policies became Clay’s American Plan and Lincoln’s American invasion, but even Hamilton wrote “To coerce the States is one of the maddest projects that was ever devised … What picture does this idea present to our view? A complying State at war with a non-complying State: Congress marching the troops of one State into the bosom of another? Here is a nation at war with itself. Can any reasonable man be well disposed toward a government which makes war and carnage the only means of supporting itself – a government that can exist only by the sword?” How would he have commented on troops not of one State, but of the national government in Washington DC, being marched into State after State by order of the President to coerce compliance?

Hamilton also said “Why has government been instituted at all? Because the passions of men will not conform to the dictates of reason and justice without constraint." I have never been one to conform my passions to other peoples’ dictates. I just don’t think it feels nice. Either way, half of the collective voice of the founding fathers was silenced. The constitution was redefined, and the Federalist Papers became the holy book of the Supreme Court.

Sidetracked again. Score two. I scan over to the right and can “See President Obama’s Tax plan for middle-class taxes.” No thanks, I would rather never see any part of that at all. Not once a year, or ever. Where do I vote for that? Below that was “The Affordable Care Act will mean a more secure future for millions of Americans” where you can learn about the myth of free services, hopefully not bothering to consider the link between the headlines. Right.

In that third column, “Recent Blog Posts”, the first entry really caught my eye: “Why We’re Raising the Signature Threshold for We the People.” Apparently, people really want answers and they’ve decided that we can’t spare the resources in a corner of the NSA’s new super-spy data facility to provide them. Our national ballots now mean so little about how we govern ourselves, that Washington has seen the need provide representation of the peoples voice. Right off the bat, they have reduced potential representation in their new system to 1/20th of what was originally thought necessary.

The second was “The Home Office Tax Deduction: Simplifying Rules and Helping Small Business Owners Succeed” or “Let’s Not Talk About Debt”, however you want to read it. Why does it say “The IRS also expects taxpayers to save more than 1.6 million hours per year in tax preparation time from this simpler calculation method” and not “Preparation of IRS documentation alone costs the residents of the States [#] hours of potential productivity per year?” What is the cost of keeping an army of IRS agents out of gainful employment in real production? Where’s that tutor with a security clearance?

The third blog post: “Change the World: Join the Foreign Service” from the Department of State. They’re selling careers at state.gov. Yep, state dot gov. That’s a plan for job creation, like that’s their business. I double checked the Constitution. It’s not in there. I don’t care how they want to twist it. I can read. It doesn’t say anything about sending people all over the world on the taxpayers’ dime. In fact, while the few, the secretive were writing our Constitution, a bicameral legislature was argued against on the grounds that at least 270 members of Congress would have to come “once at least a year from the most distant as well as the most central parts of the republic. In the deranged state of our finances can so expensive a system be seriously thought of?” No joke. None of them ever imagined it could go this far astray.

I’m cross-eyed-tired and probably missing the point. It did me good to get that out. I guess I'll read the executive orders tomorrow. There’s at least a post about it now.

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Very good post


If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.
James Madison

Wow. Bravo. I had the urge to

Wow. Bravo. I had the urge to dissect the propaganda and misinformation from .gov websites once but got so infuriated with it all I gave up. You have tread where no man has gone before.

Southern Agrarian


I was floored and just couldn't help myself.