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An Anarchist's Frustration

You believe that war is just when an American flag is present on the battlefield. I do not.

You say that taxation is the price we pay for civilization. I disagree.

You claim that men with guns and badges have a higher claim on my life and property because they were elected, or appointed, to a position of power. I am offended.

You think that an organization who has the final say in any disagreement, even involving itself; a monopoly on aggressive force; the sole power to declare legal tender; and the ability to fund itself through involuntary means isn't going to abuse this power? I know better.

Yet somehow, I am the idealist?


I know many liberty lovers are not anarchists, as I am, but surely you understand my frustration when someone claims, "Oh, you're just being idealistic."

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Looks good.

Voluntary associations and trade and no aggression. Common defence against looting is countering an aggression. A just action.

Free includes debt-free!

So laws right? Government

So laws right? Government right? God, so-called "anarchists" are completely and totally retarded.

"If men are good you don't

"If men are good you don't need government, if men are evil or ambivalent you don't dare have one"

I'm certainly don't have the answer to all our problems but I would encourage you to think outside the box a little. Often we say government causes our problems, which it does. Would the remedy be to rid of government? What does government do that can't be done privately, and at what cost? If we didn't have a State authority would people go around killing one another over money or out of rage or vengance or whatever? Well people kill people right now, with government. We think we need government to keep society civil but if you look at society, 1, how civil is it really? 2, Is its civility really due to the presence of a authoritarian State? I know I can't convince you with just a comment that an anarchist society is plausible, because two years ago I shared your views on anarchism, and took me a long time to understand it. So I hope to encourage to be a little open minded and at least consider possibilities. Only two things can happen, you will understand something you didn't before or you will affirm you current beliefs. Watch these two ten minute videos and ponder the rational and hypocritical reasons we think we need a "Government".



"War is a Racket" - Maj. General Smedley Butler


The Constitution is tolerable. But it's not been followed.

Lincoln's War against Southern independence destroyed the Republic and created a perfect Union.

A Union that went bankrupt 20 years after the war started sending Congress to international bankers. Now we are trapped.

I would rather be retarded than ignorant.

Free includes debt-free!

That has what to do with

That has what to do with anarchy?

Government is a failure has been since 1835

Why invest in a dream that has gone bankrupt at least 4 times.

Four times Congress begged for help from International creditors.

1872, 1913, 1933, 1972. To be continued.

As of today your share of the Federal Debt is around 40 ounces of gold or equivalent and growing.

What does one get for their money: Secret government, lying propaganda and a killing machine looting foreign countries plus counterfeit money.

Do i have to wait for all the good that is to come?

Free includes debt-free!

No, you don't have to wait.

No, you don't have to wait. Go ahead and start your "anarchist" revolution. I seem to remember real anarchists in the late 19th and early 20th century made themselves known. If you want anarchy so bad then go fight for it. If you think it's possible then do it. Oh right, it's the antithesis of what you claim you want, which in and of itself is completely impossible. Even the most remote jungle tribe that has never seen a white man has laws and enforcement of them. THAT is government. Your dream of anarchy is a lie and nothing more.

Now, if you truly want to be an anarchist then study up on some real anarchists and get of your ass and quit crying. Pussy ass.

Revolutions fight for control of the governent.

Anarchists want nothing to do with that ring of power. They would 'go Galt' (to borrow phrase from a non-anarchist) instead of starting a war. In fact, many are doing that now without trying to impress you with fame.

That's funny. I'm sure

That's funny. I'm sure history will disagree with you on that one. Of course, you don't have time for such things. If you want that kind of a community so much then why don't you go try it out. I;m sure you can find a HUGE chunk of land somewhere out west. Go for it. I would love to see you try. Remember, you can't have any laws. Just barter and trade with each other. Please please do it. Find the MOST honest, most trustworthy "anarchists" you can find and set up a community. Please, hell.. I'll set up a fund to pay your property taxes just so you can do it. I'd like to see how long it lasts with no laws.

I hereby declare if you set up such a community I will pay your property taxes with a non-profit trust.

So, hop to it buddy.

I don't have to fight to be without a ruler. I already am.

Others can impose their rule and it may have real consequences.

But it is their aggression that is is despicable, not my resistance to tyranny.

Free includes debt-free!

Yeah, you'd die. And so

Yeah, you'd die. And so would everyone else that didn't follow whoever had the balls to take you over. That is human nature. Now damn it. I said I'm cleaning my rifle.... done with you guys. I see I have to turn the computer off if I'm going to get this done.

You'll die to the moment the government you love betrays you.

We are all going to die.

Free includes debt-free!


Anyone here know if Nystrom is an anarchist?


Well said.

Love or fear? Chose again with every breath.