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Impeach New York Governor Cuomo petition

I don't sign onto petitions very often, but this one certainly seems worthy of signing and sharing. I've been refreshing the page for the past few minutes and can see that it has some traction. Let's help it along.


current # of supporters: 3,930

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A great idea, but petititon lacks instruction on proper fillout

I tried to sign but I wasn't sure where to put my information. The boxes for name,address, e-mail etc weren't labeled so I couldn't get it processed.

When it is corrected, I'll certainly be glad to sign it!

"The worst thing that can happen to a good cause is not to be attacked successfully, it is to be defended badly". F. Bastiat

"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, finally they attack you, and then you win"! Mohandas Gandhi

Hit 'em in the pocketbook

Boycott any state that does not support the Constitution. Don't visit or buy from businesses located there...they'll cave in.

The way I see it is like this

Even if it amounts to nothing like the white house petitions at least it will be a blemish on his name and image if the effort gets enough steam. Expect to see Bloomberg and Cuomo make presidential bids in 2016, anything that we can do to chip away at those chances early on, helps us all.


I left New York a few years ago and don't miss their tyranny. I hope more people will do the same.

"Endless money forms the sinews of war." - Cicero, www.freedomshift.blogspot.com



I'm all for it, but

I'm all for it, but impeaching Cuomo would be like impeaching the UAW, the NYS teachers union, the Teamsters, and every democrat in New York...it's next to impossible. Do you know how many government workers reside in New York? Too many to impeach.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.