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Last Step Guns: Hold Still While They Pull Your Claws and Teeth. Now Are You Awake?

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To all my brothers;

All as a direct result of 9/11:

- NSA/FISA warrantless spying, fusion centers, DHS crackdowns on domestic dissent.

- NDAA indefinite military detention of American citizens. That means you.

- Secret presidential assassination orders, including US citizens, whole world is the battlefield, "including the homeland."

- Drones deployed over US

- TSA/private goons fulfilling law enforcement functions.

- Now your guns

The first were bad enough. Everything is in place. I'm not saying what comes next. I don't know.

Fiscal cliff? (The real one, not the theater.) More bankster bail-outs? The last step is for you to hold still while they pull your teeth and claws - your guns. That can be for no good reason.

Why would they do 9/11? "It doesn't make sense!" - you said. Are you awake yet? Do false flags make sense now? It started with 9/11. Only 9/11 truth can end it. General discussion.

"Firearms are liberty's teeth." - President George Washington

"Arrest them! Arrest them now! They're just a few old men!" - Benjamin Fulford


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I keep waiting

I keep waiting to read somewhere the news that bush, cheney, obama, the clintons, the talking heads on the news channels....have all been arrested.

And to see the television slowly and gently educating the brainwashed on what's really been going on.

fingers and toes crossed!

It's probably takes 10 years to plan a bloodless counter-coup

to restore the Constitution and the republic. After a coup like 9/11 one side is holding all the cards for awhile. Loyal officers must be approached carefully.

Release the Sandy Hook video.