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The Case For Domestic Disarmament

I stumbled across this report on disarming Americans put out by The Communitarian Network, a group seemingly advocating the community over the individual.


On November 18,1991 The Responsive Communitarian Platform was released. It spells out an encompassing agenda, and contains the following statement about domestic disarmament:

There is little sense in gun registration. What we need to significantly enhance public safety is domestic disarmament of the kind that exists in practically all democracies. The National Rifle Association suggestion that criminals - not guns - kill people, ignores the fact that thousands are killed each year, many of them children, from accidental discharge of guns, and that more people - whether criminal, insane, or temporarily carried away by impulse - kill and are much more likely to do so when armed than when disarmed. The Second Amendment, behind which the NRA hides, is subject to a variety of interpretations, but the Supreme Court has repeatedly ruled, for over a hundred years, that it does not prevent laws that bar guns. We join with those who read the Second Amendment the way it was written, as a communitarian clause, cailing for community militias, not individual gun slingers.

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Here is a screen shot of all the people who signed off on the Responsive Communitarian Platform:


I haven't made it through the whole report, but it's pretty bad so far!

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