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Lexington, KY police smacked by Constitution

Exactly five months after Lexington, KY police stormed a local business, a judge has ordered them to return tens of thousands of dollars in merchandise and cash they improperly took.

Back on August 16, 2012, Botany Bay on Winchester Rd in Lexington was invaded by several Lexington police wrecking personal property and issuing threats to put the local company out of business.

Today, Fayette District Judge Kim Wilkie ordered police to return all of Botany Bay's property, much of which witnesses saw officers destroy in August. The return is to be completed in two weeks. Most of the confiscated items were not listed on a served search warrant supposedly intended to capture illegal drugs. Police falsely told media at the time that they took illegal drugs from Botany Bay.

Judge Wilkie scheduled a February 19 hearing on the constitutionality of the new Kentucky law under which police attempted to prosecute Botany Bay. That new law was passed in 2012 by the General Assembly under the title House Bill 481.


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Is it true that police did not have a warrant

at the time of this raid? I heard that it was not provided for weeks after.

they finally found it

after the first judge ordered it to be submitted. And, it had just been "misfiled" all along. It was in the file with one of the employees all along. But, according to the date stamps, the employee's charge was filed about 10 days after the search warrant info was. weird.

i still have a battle to wage

but today was really positive! everyone is so happy!

Stay strong

The system will wear you down and they count on you not being able to fight them, don't let it destroy you.

The creation, production and fair exchange of values is the business of evolving consciousness, love and life.--Craig Johnson

When cost of repression exceeds potential profits,

Repression tends to end.

Free includes debt-free!

not with me

I will continue to fight back. Winning this one for now. Stay tuned.

If they were ordered to put stuff back there's no profit.

Next is to collect damages for violation of rights.

Carl Miller talked about certain kinds of violations that allowed defendant to sue the officers, personally.

Free includes debt-free!