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Police shoot and kill man's dog after going to wrong home (video in link)

ADAMS COUNTY, Colo. (CBS4) – An Adams County man is in shock after he says deputies shot and killed his dog.

Jeff Fisher said deputies went to his house by mistake. He said when they forced their way through the door his dog Ziggy ran outside and an Adams County Sheriff’s deputy shot and killed him.

“(He went to the door) to see who it was and the police officer shot him three times,” Fisher said. “They killed my dog for no reason.”

Fisher said Ziggy was his best friend and can’t believe he’s gone.

I called the dog, he turned to come back to me and the police officer opened fire,” said Fisher.

Ziggy was an 8-year-old Blue Healer/Border Collie mix.

The Adams County Sheriff’s Office said deputies responded to the address on reports of a business alarm going off.

A spokesman said he can’t say more until the investigation is complete but did release this statement, “It’s our goal at the Adams County Sheriff’s Office to complete a thorough investigation of this incident, be able to answer any questions that people who have concerns about this incident may have and to do right for the owner of this dog.”

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Who protects us from those entrusted to protect us?!!!

When Fascism goes to sleep, it checks under the bed for Ron Paul!

Humane Society

Will be quiet on this because they do not want their funding cut imo.


Poor Cops

They can't even claim the dog pulled a gun on them. Let's see if we can train our bros w/ badges a little better before we put government agencies more in charge of deciding who is fit for strapping.

This just proves many cops are chicken and afraid of everything.

They are jumpy, trigger happy and scared of the slightest unexpected thing.

There is no doubt in my mind that one man could hold ten cops at bay with minor scare tactics.

5 - 10 independently armed civilians (possessing freshly outlawed semi-autos) could keep an entire department of 100 officers pinned down and or in hiding for days or even weeks.

The most incompetent idiots are hired to be police officers based solely on their willingness to follow orders and thus enhance the gang mentality.

They shoot friendly pets and pepper spray baby squirrels in total fear for their lives...


Tell me I'm wrong!


I want to know when the

I want to know when the humane society and other animal lovers are going to call out the police on this. This has gone on for way to long.

Someone Needs to Put a Leash on those Thugs

Unreal. Cops are getting a very bad name.

More incompetence and fascism from law enforcers.

It will only get worse.