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Memphis Police Do Home Invasion on Animal Hoarding Charges; Man Killed

Yet another terrible tale of militarized police tactics gone wrong as armed agents do a forced raid on a Memphis man and shoot and kill him -- on a search warrant for being a suspected animal hoarder (and, of course, for according to the police raising a gun when the mini army smashed into his home).

But it was all worthwhile, apparently:

"Inside the house we did find a lot of cats, dogs," said MPD Sgt. Karen Rudolph.

"I've been told there were raccoons, possums, chickens," she continued.

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We call people who hoard animals mentally unstable

but here we have a bunch of cocksuckers who hoard so much cash they are willing to bankrupt us to achieve it, and they are proud of it

Government hoards human inmates of victimless crimes.

These cops should be hung for murder by the state of Tennessee.

I am against capital punishment except in the case of government murderers.

Free includes debt-free!