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They are NOT Really JUST After Your Guns. It's a Smoke Screen.

No Vets or dissenters allowed. No criticism of the government allowed. You will be labelled mentally ill if you criticize your government. MIND FUCKED again, America.

Hiding behind the Gun Control Issue is the "mental illness" issue. The new ENEMY is the "mentally ill" and we will ALL BE LABELLED MENTALLY ILL if we criticize the government. Can you not see the media HYPE building up on this? Suddenly mental health is the issue! http://www.dailypaul.com/270353/video-ny-state-senator-says-...

The public is being softened up to accept people being picked up off the street and in their homes and taken away. It is the oldest communist trick. Put political dissenters and vets into insane asylums and drug them senseless or kill them. End of dissenters. Fear silences everyone.

Gun Control is a smoke screen to usher in silencing dissenters with the media brainwashed sheep applauding it!

Watch out, because all the vets and dissenters will be labelled mentally ill, using the Obamacare pharmo database they are building. Now you can be picked up without a warrant, held indefinitely, executed by presidential executive order and you will have no defense. That may be the reason for all the concentration camps all over America, and the reason for the Gun Control hype. It is a smoke screen. And YES, they would like to disarm the people as well. Then there is No resistance.

Obama Executive Order Will Nationalize the Demonization of US Veterans as Mentally Ill


"This kind of control over citizens by government was practiced by Mao in China, Communist Russia and Nazi-controlled Germany. As following in the footsteps of previous dictators, Obama is proving himself to be the next in a dangerous line of Fascist controllers who will imprison his own military if need be to accomplish his goals set forth for him by the global Elite."

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In other words...

... "They" are after "you and me: us"

Medical Marijuana

This was also the reason Med pot was done this way. You don't wanna be on this "verifyably unstable" list. And if they can't take your guns they might just take your kids as is being done to dissenters such as a Ft Collins woman recently for exposing massive fraud and corruption. Aren't home schoolers are just CRAZY too and talk about dangerous to society, raw milk. No one has the right to be that healthy. I want Uncle Sam to save me from Ashtanga yoga too. HA!

Can we throw these government/banker scoundrels to the curb now that they're resorting to witch hunts?
Good news is that the microscope keeps being held on the worst areas with all the usual suspects NY, Denver area, CT, FL. The good states are getting more organized, finally!

Find a Local Chapter..



They have a great website and a map to locate local chapters.
Dan Johnson, the founder, was recently interviewed on the radio, a nationally-broadcast, syndicated show:

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!

One of the key things to watch for in any legislation

Currently according to federal law a person can not be held against their will in a psych ward unless the person attempted to kill themselves or threatened another person with bodily harm. Because of lawsuits, hospitals or mental facilities are usually pretty careful not to violate this law.

I belong to a couple mental health family support groups and many families have run up against this law including myself when actually trying to get loved ones help that really did need to be admitted at the time.

True, but I think it is, even

True, but I think it is, even today, a much different case when law enforcement or some agency recommends psych treatment. It is definately something to be concerned with and as you said we need to watch it.

You are correct

With a law enforcement recommendation they can only hold for 72 hours. Then it all hinges on the treating doctor's determination.

What "phobia" do you have.

It seems they have a phobia for everything and I can think of a few that they could try to pin on me. What phobia will the pin on you? What I want to know is how do they diagnose you with a phobia if you don't go to the doctor? Iatrophobia?

Just stay away from the Obamcare Pharmo

system. Look after your own health and get control of your mind and emotions and your habits, especially wrong eating habits. There is no need to fear anything. Work on going beyond it. You can be a strong sovereign being.

and let go of fear

We all die sometime. Do what you can to live fully well while you are here. "an apple a day keeps the doctor away" live free!

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With a question (which I'm working on my own answers to):

How does one find a doctor who will keep both the Hippocratic Oath as well as confidentiality? (I.e., not deliver his notes to a centralized database.)

I'm also looking for a biocompatible dentist.

Love conquers fear.

I love you. I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.
http://fija.org - Fully Informed Jury Association
http://jsjinc.net - Jin Shin Jyutsu (energy healing)

call around

cash talks!

"Fear silences everyone."

"Fear silences everyone." Indeed.

Beware of the bipartisan solutions

I think they want our guns, and they also want to label us all mentally ill. The thing that keeps getting me is how the right seems to be pushing the whole 'armed guards' strategy and how guns this way would make people safe.

I think we might get a 'bipartisan' solution where its very hard for normal people (who might be crazy) to get guns but you'll see guns everywhere in the form of an increased police presence.

Precisely. This will all usher in the police state

with armed guards everywhere to keep us and our children SAFELY controlled, dissenters and vets safely controlled in asylums, and safely controlled disarmed Americans.

And the sheep will consent to all this loss of freedom so they can feel safe and secure. They will wake up to this fascist communist regime too late.

What about metal health screening for Congress?

What about mental health screening for congress, President, vice President, Cabinet posts, etc. first? These people are far more dangerous than any of the people with the actual right to keep and bear arms. Is it not possible that some of the government leaders are clinical psychopaths?

Congress is insane!

Who would take an oath of Office the break that oath. The penalties of Treason and Misprision of Treason are severe.

Breach of Contract is not the act of a sound mind.

Free includes debt-free!

The elite want to be above the law

so that they can do as they please, indulge their whims and perversions; have you picked up without a warrant, held indefinitely, raped, sodomized, tortured, executed without a trial or accountability. Presidential executive orders already allow all of this. Wake up America.

Oh they DO want the guns . . .

socialist/fascists always go for the guns of an armed citizenry.

They want to do it using directives to agencies and administrative law. They want to do it using 'health care' excuses, which is one reason they pushed Obamacare. If the bureaucracy and legal costs are such that you personally aren't able to restore your rights . . . they have denied them to you.

Many read the newspaper reports of what the exec orders are and breathed a sigh of relief. They thought 'theyre not so bad'. Well the devil is in the details, of how this is implemented.

IMO sometimes those who are pro 2A give too much of a benefit of the doubt to the leadership of the other side who pushes this. They aren't interested in 'compromise'. They aren't just politicians looking to score points for the next election. Each move they make is calculated to create "the new world order" they envision. The NWO has no room for citizens with inalienable God given rights - including the right to keep & bear arms. Of course, this is the reason the American founders included the 2A as a defense of the citizens against tyranny.

Yep. Two birds with one stone.

Take the guns and use mental illness label to silence vets and dissenters. Quite clever psychology being used via the media on the poor unsuspecting sheep. A clever bit of brainwashing.

Good use of all your personal data in the Obamacarepharmo database.

Wasn't the "Psychiatry Bible" just updated to include...

Normal Human emotions as disorders? Like when kids are growing up, hormones are raging, puberty sucks, and emotions run high as the kid shifts into adulthood. Now the drug companies and non-of-it-is-based-on-any-science psychiatry is pushing drugs on these kids???

Why are we STILL not talking about the EFFECTS OF THE DRUGS THEMSELVES!?!?!?!? Could it be that these kids get f***ed up on pharmaceutical drugs so young for no reason?

They're gonna label you crazy for having normal human emotions. THEN they'll take your guns.

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience"—Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

So true.

So true.

Drugs that make you "mental"!

I am a retired physician. My wife told me that when she was younger she was put on one of the "new" anti-depressant meds and became a homicidal maniac, out to kill her husband! If a young adult can be affected this way, why not a kid.

I am glad too be out of the rat race and no longer have to fear swimming with the sharks! Sadly, I trust very few physicians, now.

It all ties in together, doesn't it?

Slow increment loss of freedom. It happens so slowly most people do not see what is happening until it is too late. As in Nazi Germany.

They are most definitely after our guns

The mental health issue is a way to get to them. The background and mental health check is seen as acceptable to most people. Then they will just change what is considered too mentally unfit for a gun. An East German immigrant explained that in communist East Germany they label people that just believe in God as mentally unfit.


It is only a question about the method they use to do it.

And lets not forget all the vets with PTSD will now be unable to get guns even for a temporary condition as they transition from killing machine to civil society.

It is all about the guns. Imprisoning people for mental illness is just a bonus.

As I read your comment,

I kept thinking "They" are after "us."

That is WHY they are after the guns and promoting mental illness.

Anyways, my 2 cents.

15 years service

First they break you down mentaly, basic training. This is done so you will accept tho shall not kill, the orders to Kill. Then they send you out to kill or be killed. You come back with PTSD from the killing fields then they attempt to drug you with zombie drugs that put you in a box. The box on one side you take a drug that zombiefies you (you are aware) make you feel very badly or if you stop taking these brain killing lobatomy drugs you turn into insane rages.

Now they call you a danger to society and put you in prison.

Thanks for you service!

P.S. They are after you guns.


If you can, let go of the drugs slowly

and start on yoga and meditation to get back self control. Be strong. You CAN do it.

Kissinger said
"The military are dumb animals to be used for political gain."
This is the elite view of the military and their view of the masses as well, dumb animals to serve them and provide for their needs.
Watch the movie Hunger Games to get the picture.

And yes, they would like to disarm the people as well. Then there is No resistance from the people.

I let go of them right after they prescribed them before I

took them, but now they label me PTSD so they have an extra excuse to start the civil war with me.


Glad you let go of them.

All vets will be labelled PTSD in order to disarm you guys. Mentally ill not allowed guns. But you are still highly trained Americans valued by the people of this nation. You are highly valued. Take pride in that. The government now sees you as the enemy. Such utter nonsense for speaking truth! But you are not the enemy of the people.

The next comment below this one "Yes they are." is in reference to they are after our guns.

They prescribed I never took them so I never had to let go of

Them. I know better. But yet they label me PTSD then decline to pay for causing it.