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They are NOT Really JUST After Your Guns. It's a Smoke Screen.

No Vets or dissenters allowed. No criticism of the government allowed. You will be labelled mentally ill if you criticize your government. MIND FUCKED again, America.

Hiding behind the Gun Control Issue is the "mental illness" issue. The new ENEMY is the "mentally ill" and we will ALL BE LABELLED MENTALLY ILL if we criticize the government. Can you not see the media HYPE building up on this? Suddenly mental health is the issue! http://www.dailypaul.com/270353/video-ny-state-senator-says-...

The public is being softened up to accept people being picked up off the street and in their homes and taken away. It is the oldest communist trick. Put political dissenters and vets into insane asylums and drug them senseless or kill them. End of dissenters. Fear silences everyone.

Gun Control is a smoke screen to usher in silencing dissenters with the media brainwashed sheep applauding it!

Watch out, because all the vets and dissenters will be labelled mentally ill, using the Obamacare pharmo database they are building. Now you can be picked up without a warrant, held indefinitely, executed by presidential executive order and you will have no defense. That may be the reason for all the concentration camps all over America, and the reason for the Gun Control hype. It is a smoke screen. And YES, they would like to disarm the people as well. Then there is No resistance.

Obama Executive Order Will Nationalize the Demonization of US Veterans as Mentally Ill


"This kind of control over citizens by government was practiced by Mao in China, Communist Russia and Nazi-controlled Germany. As following in the footsteps of previous dictators, Obama is proving himself to be the next in a dangerous line of Fascist controllers who will imprison his own military if need be to accomplish his goals set forth for him by the global Elite."

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Yes they are.


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I had been avoiding this, the title made me nervous. Finally got around to having a look - AWESOME.
I could not agree more.
Worried about indefinite detention?

Love or fear? Chose again with every breath.

I have considered this as well...

Ben Shapiro was on Piers Morgan the other night, ripping the Moron a new one. But then he goes for the "mental health screening" option. Well, who determines mental illness. The feds? Big pharma records? Most likely, it will be the Obamacare/IBM database. But in reality, they can call anyone mentally ill who they disagree with- that's what Piers Morgan has been doing since the Alex Jones interview- "I THINK he's unhinged, a perfect advertisement for con control." Jones isnt a crook or offensively violent, yet Piers Moron doesnt care- he SEEMS SCARY!

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"Terrorism is the war of the poor, while war is the terrorism of

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"the Obamacare/IBM database"

This is the first I have seen mention that IBM will be handling the database for this. (A quick Google search proved its accuracy.)

Not too shocking; they did the same for Hitler: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IBM_and_the_Holocaust

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Yes. The Obamacare Pharmo data base

can be used to label anyone mentally ill who disagrees with them. And this is what is behind the staged events and gun control issue.

Brain wash the sheep into accepting people being picked up off the street and from their homes because they are dangerous mentally ill people. In reality they are probably political dissenters.

As with Nazi Germany it will take the brain washed sheep a long time to figure this out, and by then it will be too late.

Interesting that they blame the illness

Not the drugs that are turning the illness into homicidal tendencies.

Meanwhile if you try and smoke pot, the Feds might charge in with a SWAT team.

Remember reefer madness, weed

Remember reefer madness, weed would turn you into a corrupt, homocidal maniac?

This shi!t is the real deal, and its a $1000000000 industry

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"Terrorism is the war of the poor, while war is the terrorism of

They want to use the label

of mental illness to silence dissenters. They do not care about you or your children. It is about doing whatever they want without resistance.

It has nothing to so with drugs or violence. They want you to be softened into acceptance of people being picked up off the street and thrown in padded cells, supposedly because they are mentally ill, and dangerous. See behind the smoke screen.

I hear you

It's just that so far I haven't heard much from the media, about the difference between medicated mentally ill people and non-medicated.

Regardless, I figure Vets would be the primary targets here, since they can be forced to undergo psychiatric evaluation (if I understand correctly.)

School children are also captives of the state and can be forced likewise. Maybe bureaucrats, too.

I wonder when they will try and subject the rest of us to their evaluations. Obviously, if they have the power and an agenda, we can be as sane as we like, but the diagnosis will always be "crazy," if we are on the list of people they want diagnosed as crazy.

I'd be very concerned about

I'd be very concerned about the propaganda the kids will be exposed to now that King Obama has issued him Proclamation.

If we allow it

the schools will become like the Hitler Youth camps; thoroughly brainwashed children who would die for Hitler/Obama.

Who joins the military to enforce kill people in illegal wars?

America's high school graduates.

Not much different from Hitler Youth.

I just downloaded these vieos to my computer about

Hitler's children. http://www.educatorsofliberty.com/index.php?content_id=15

Young minds can be shaped just about any way we choose. That is a profound responsibility. I would hope they are raised on the highest human ideals. What a world that would be.

this is the dark future...

that awaits in the fascist NWO. The DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) already has a place for many of us.

Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM IV)

This is supposed to be a diagnosis for children. If you continue to question authority (and fail to conform to the hive generally) as an adult, you are branded anti-social- or maladaptive. Everyone else deals with their TSA grope and naked body scan. Why dont you?

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"Terrorism is the war of the poor, while war is the terrorism of

As has happenned under every brutal fascist

communist regime. I too fear for the children.


They are collecting all this data now on everyone.

Every American and school child will be subject to mental evaluation.

If you are a threat to the GOVERNMENT you are mentally ill, and gone from society.