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Reality Check: An "Apples to Apples" comparison of U.S. and U.K. violent crime rates

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Piers Morgan: Go Back To Hell!....( Plus +1)

Thanks for posting Ben...

One Small Mistake

Ben apparently does not know the difference between "assault rifles" and "assault weapons". The terms are confusingly similar, which is intentional. I've seen the media get it wrong multiple times, but I thought that Ben Swann would have researched more on this.

I hope that we can inform him somehow, and maybe he'll do a segment on how "assault weapons" are only different from other semi-autos because of their appearance.

Other than that, he's still the best reporter I've seen in a long time. Everyone makes mistakes now and then.

I like what he does

but did he just use a guess from a blogger as evidence that UK crimes rates are still higher than the US?

776 was the no of UK crimes committed that fit the FBI criteria

-of crimes that constitute violent crimes. Or as close a figure as one can work out with the recorded information.

It's really good reporting of Ben Swan to correct the information from his last video.

Here's the pretty scathing article, that he's referencing.


Ben Swann

for Secretary of Transparency.

Lima-1, out.

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on youtube:

I can't watch it on their site. It stutters too much.

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Ben Swann is a cool dude!

It is nice to see honest journalism for a change.

Daniel Fortune

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there's not many left.