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Leave Us Alone - The Liberty Amendment to the Constitution

Proposed amendment:

Without the support of at least two non-governmental witnesses there shall be no involuntary contact with one of the people by a public servant except to protect one of the people from clear and present danger.

If you are in immediate danger you generally say "help." So that would qualify, and your servant could come to the rescue and become a hero! Most would have to agree this pre-crime stuff has gone parabolic.

The law already states this but it is ambiguous at best. This constitutional amendment is already a reality. It just needs to be made crystal clear.

If we can ram this through the states legislatures I believe it would checkmate tyranny for good. Screw this "Don't take any MORE of our gun rights!" Just LEAVE US ALONE!

You need about 50 people statewide to camp out at the state house for a week and lobby each of your PUBLIC SERVANTS to get them to accept that the people have finally come back to throw government back in its box.

You're talking about maybe 50 votes you might need in some state legislatures... some more... some less.

If you read your owners manual for your government, It says govt agents should leave you alone. The first thing we need to do to get this going is for you to comment below as to whether you would be in support of an amendment which BARS govt agents from contacting you against your will... that means involuntarily.

If you wish to interact with your servants I see no reason you shouldn't do so. Honor their service and thank them for putting their lives on the line for you... but if they ever put a hand on a master... that's 5 years in jail unless they have a real good reason for doing it.

So what say you Daily Paul? Put your desire for liberty where your "mouth" is. Do you REALLY want liberty? Really? Or do you just want a few gun rights back?

For me... I want liberty.

Plan: For each sheriff candidate we will need an initial $5,000 and only investment. That $5k gets us 100,000 mailings which is perhaps close to the average size of a county. Republic mailing for an 8 page newsletter is probably around 5 cents each:


Projected results from $5k mailing:
100,000 homes
2,000 emergency action committee
(to become posse once you are elected sheriff)
Sheriff campaigns on the amendment platform
Many ideas below to include in the 8 page newsletter.
Announce debate with current sheriff (if he doesn't chicken out) and be ready to organize whoever shows up (cuz he won't show).

We can bang our heads together here and come up with the best one.
Include the need for the community to be self sufficient.

Using cheap republic mailing - 5 cents ea
8 pg newsletter - 4 pgs 2 sided
Hit 100,000 homes - entire county?
In 8 pages you can cover a lot of plans- run someone for sheriff.
emergency action network - committee of safety get signups
2% posse signup = 2,000 members

All for $5,000 - initial mailing creates the networking thru email, phone, group meetings for a scheduled debate (assuming opposing side won't show). Have plans to organize all those people who showed up to the debate! Raise donations for the next mailing...

You don't ASK the sheriff to debate. You announce the debate in the newsletter and if the sheriff has the co hones to attend he is welcome to be there.


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Actually this is inherently

in our law already. US Code -Organic Laws of the United States DOI- "deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed" When one realizes that the proper scope and interpretation of this statement "just powers" is referring to Powers of Justice everything falls in line to the correct intepretation in Common Law. Hence what you are suggesting is actually already om our laws. The powers of Justice can only be lawfully initiated by the governed which is from what I see exactly what you are suggesting here.

If they only respond to the People's consent for judicial procedures through accusations that someone is liable then we end up at the same conclusion. The founders went through tyranny also. They like us turned to law and history and then articulated their emlightenment in our law. Several maxims that organically support this are:

An action is not given to one who is not injured
An act of the court shall prejudice no one
Equity looks upon that as done, which ought to be done
In all affairs, and principally in those which concern the administration of justice, the rules of equity ought to be followed
Intentions ought to be subservient to the laws, not the laws to intentions
judge ought always to have equity before his eyes
A judge ought always to regard equity
No one can sue in the name of another
If one falsely accuses another of a crime, the punishment due to that crime should be inflicted upon the perjured informer

All of these and more are why it was self-evident that the powers of justice need to come from the governed making an accusation and accepting liability for that accusation.

The most powerful Law of Nature is Time. It is finite and we all will run out of it. Use this Law to your advantage, for it offers you infinite possibilities...

Richmond County Sheriff

Here are the Demographics from the 2010 Census of Richmond County NC.

What would be the estimated cost, under this plan, in order to get a Contitutional Sheriff Elected In Richmond County.

Here Are The Demographics:

* Total Population

* Housing Status(in housing units unless noted)
Total 20,738
Occupied 18,430
Vacant 2,308
Vacant: for rent 666
Vacant: for sale 242

Theoretically speaking, It should be a lot cheaper to test this election model in a county such as this. One with only 20,738 Total Households.

Any thoughts, or possible estimates as to how much it would cost to run a test in this county?...So everyone could see how well this Constitutional Candidate Election Winning Machine really works, and it would no longer be a theory at that point!

20,000 households

just do the math - multiply times 5 cents each for postage.

Would be a 4 page 8 sided newsletter folded to take a staple and allow for postage on the back section.

Now add what it's going to cost for copies... can you get them done in bulk? Print them yourself? Anywhere from 10-20 cents each. You can get the black ink refill kits very cheap so ink is not a huge expense.

So looking at 20,000 x 4 pgs = 100,000 pages / 5,000 per ream = 20 reams of paper @ $2 ea...

$40 for the paper, perhaps another $20 for the ink
20,000 x .05 = $1,000

Total = $1,060


Who do these public servants think they are? They never had any authority. They were just supposed to take out the trash for us. That's it, plus any other monotonous chores we the people didn't feel like doing ourselves. The federal government has no business discussing jobs.

If you want a retirement plan and a stimulus in one shot... how about 2k - no forms, business plans or outlines desired just a brief letter articulating what it is you want to do - start a business.

If you fail at that: 5k to try another business.

Lastly 10k if you have two strikes against you the "govt" will gamble $10,000 more one last time on you before it's forced to admit that you're destined to ONLY ever have a job.

Main point here is if you're going to "stimulate the economy" do it THROUGH THE PEOPLE not by giving some kick back welfare check to some corporation. All money spent by government should go through one of the people first... if it MUST be spent (which it wouldn't have to be for long with this method of starting lots of businesses which create jobs)

Of course for that $12k max you can work off your debt to the rest of the county by support of community projects. Right now they pay county officials $15/hr avg around here. That's INSANE? Why are we not paying them MINIMUM WAGE PLUS TIPS? THEY ARE SERVANTS AREN'T THEY? Shouldn't they be working for the tip?

That would be a good middle of the road plan between the "haves" and the "have nots" where we get em off welfare and food stamps and give em some cash and no regulations or licenses required to get started.

No war on drugs (hot button issue) and freedom to earn income between adult buyers and sellers. Harm as always would get prosecuted if done unwillingly and not by some crazy decree of the state. One of the people has got to have complained.

This Is An Awesome Post....

... I think this is a great idea. The government IS OUR servants, not the other way around. If each state passed a law that made it clear as to what you said it would be a secession movement not in name, but in action only. Also it is much easier to push for our ideals with State Congressmen/women and State Senators.

We need to get an early start on 2016: Support Rand PAC 2016



There would definitely need to be

a paragraph or two for that in the newsletter. We could write the 8 page newsletter right on this thread. Between the two mailings - starting cost of $5k you get 10,000 votes if you get 10% of the vote. You're going to hit every home twice - once to get the ball rolling and once 3 days before election day.

Organize EVERYTHING in the first letter including getting people on the carpool list. We will come pick your arse up.

jrd3820's picture

Your always working so hard

Keep up the good fight brother.

So do you want to be sheriff?

jrd3820's picture

I would love to be a sheriff

But I move too much to really help you out with any of your projects. I am in a new city every few months. That is why I never really comment too much on your posts, I am of little help to you.

I would be a badass sheriff though.

Then run somewhere

pick a good deputy and resign ;-) You could be in and out in a few months. Maybe take that show on the road???

A friend just said this would be a good eye opening slogan:

"What do want and who do you want it stolen from?"

Then he could basically promise all of them he would do so for them to get their vote as LONG as they also include who they want it stolen from.

Just a little eye opener about taxation ;-)

jrd3820's picture

Oh my god Vince

I could be a traveling sheriff! Good Call! I've never used a gun before though, do you think I would need a gun?

deacon's picture

form a posse

and call yourselves the traveling mayberries :)

Let it ever not be said,that I never did not do nothing for you.

deacon's picture

yes i do

but i don't know if he is good enough yet,and this thought here gives me pause
there is no mention of sheriff in the const,so that would be a violation of it

Let it ever not be said,that I never did not do nothing for you.

That would be good research

to find out where the sheriff gets his constitutional authority to enforce law.

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Best idea of the day so far Deacon


Andy Griffith

jrd3820's picture

Andy Griffith

was probably the best sheriff ever also. Good call on that.

jrd3820's picture

I want to live in Mayberry

Thanks for the video, my insomnia is quite extreme tonight, so it was entertaining.

If we gotta keep abusing these people

with Andy Griffith till this catches on... so be it!


Include in your newsletter

ways your county is going to be able to take care of itself. Set up charity organizations or support reputable ones. Are there any prospective sheriffs in the house? Let's put a few in office here in say the next two months?

At the VERY LEAST that $5,000 puts the CURRENT sheriff on notice of the kind of competition (a strict constitutionalist) he is going to be having in the debates (if the sheriff chooses to debate) - and then we can use that against him in a final mailing maybe three days before game day (election day). Educate people about demanding paper ballots in public view. This can all easily be fit into 16 pages - two mailings - $5,000 each.

The initial we come up with thru DP per sheriff running. The second wave comes from the people in the community themselves for the final mailing.


I believe the cost would be roughly 5 cents per mailing. A 4-page newsletter. I was considering taking my posts from the Daily Paul and condensing them into a newsletter... and hitting every home in one county... just as an experiment.

5 cents x say... $100,000 = $5,000

Could you get a sheriff recalled for that? Since sheriff recalls are 25% of the previous vote cycle I would say it's almost a guaranteed recall election. In your newsletter of course you are promoting your constitutional candidate... provide information on networking with neighbors... maybe visit them and see if they have seen their copies yet? Have you heard of this guy? Seen this news? This kind of coordination in say... the last two weeks of an election cycle? Get on the ballot at the last possible minute?

Sneak attack? - A two week blitzkrieg that starts with an initial $5,000 investment.. gather their email addresses as well. Have meetings every day of that two weeks... dunno what do you think?