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The Segment In Which Glenn Beck Realizes He's Part Of The Problem, Not The Solution

Excerpt from Glenn Beck's special on the Federal Reserve. Lmao, I can't believe he kept a straight face!


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Wow he got owned on his own

Wow he got owned on his own show. Facial expressions were priceless.

Southern Agrarian

Beck the Hatchet man for the NWO

absoloutely a disgusting piece of garbage. I love it-hatchet men are losing credibility. I heard Mark Levin radio while driving- "The Federal Reserve was created to stabilize the currency". I think we all see "how that's working for ya". I notice Fox is talking about petty things and has that social format the five. The five whats? Hatchet jobs.

Beck was paid by Dick Armey to the tune of a mil to sing praises

about FreedomWorks:


Indeed, Glenn know's he's part of the problem.

Wow, just Incredible.

Wow, just Incredible.

juan maldonado

Before shooting from the waist,

I suggest search youtube "Dick Armey and Milton Friedman." Dick was a personal friend of Milton and invited him to educate Congressmen about capitalism. Dick understands about capitalism and gold standard more than most of DP readers. Keep in mind that when F. Hayak created The Mont Pelerin Society, only three people from USA attended: von Mises, M. Fridman and G. Stigletz. (Anti-Semites, who historically were against capitalism, labeled The Mont Pelerin Society as a zionist plot to control the world.)

He also heads an organization whose sole purpose is

to deceive people into voting against their bottom line. FreedomWorks et al courted and then utterly betrayed tea partiers. It coordinated with Fox News to undermine the tea party ASAP. You won't hear me singing his praises.

The documentary (Astro)Turf Wars goes into FreedomWorks and Americans for Prosperity's shady practices. it's quite interesting.


without details, it is difficult to sort out. What we know is this:

1. Tea Party was indeed co-opted by the establishment via CIA/FBI (who rutinely penetrates political movements)

2. Dick left FreedomWorks on unfriendly terms.

3. We can safely assume that the same CIA/FBI tries to penetrate Libertarian Party, RP Libertarian movement and DP. I suggest to review Operation Gladio how CIA hired former Nazi and anti-Semites in Europe for the subversion. I wont be supprised that CIA is using populists and anti-Semites to divert our attention to sideline scapegoats or esoteric conspiracy.

FBI was OK with assassination of occupy leaders

Seems like the CIA/FBI hate detest movements in general:

I'd say the tea party was co-opted first and foremost by the media before the feds ever reckoned them a threat. V

Glenn Beck is 1 part IDIOT, 1 part GOP HACK and 1 part...

...STOOGE for the country of Israel.

Add it all up and you get a hypocritic, immoral, anti-American soverignty, Arab-hating, Neo-Con, fake conservative puppet of the lying media.

NOTHING that comes out of Glenn Beck's stupid mouth holds any value to me.

Plus, Beck is a RON PAUL-HATER from way back.

By the way, I pity any of the poor fools who bought gold from Goldline (which Beck heavily advertises).

I think Beck is being used by the government to track people who buy precious metals.

So one day, when the government recalls the citizens' gold, they will have paper trails to all of Beck's listeners who were dumb enough to buy it from Goldline on Beck's advice.

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul

From a psychological,

From a psychological, Pavlovian, point of view,

Watch Glenn lick his lips at approx. 1:37 (1:30 - 1:40)

Ha! I notice those things

When politicians are about the tell a really big lie they do that too.

Do not retrogress into

someone you want to degrade. Have you seen RP speeches?

Point taken, but Beck even

Point taken, but Beck even cocks his head. I'm a poker player


Hope you are better than O'Reilly's female consultant who read facial expressions and body language of others.

Yeah I hate that lady with a

Yeah I hate that lady with a passion!

juan maldonado

Sometimes a cigar is just a

Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. And I wouldn't know, I don't watch O'Reilly

: )

I am not sure the lady is still around

I am unplugged completely after the Judge was terminated.

Sure... Must've left quite an

Sure... Must've left quite an impression...

And no, actually I don't recall Ron Paul looking like Brain staring into the eyes of Kaa when people around him are explaining world domination to him. What you were referring to was Ron Paul speaking for an extended period of time, about liberty and freedom anyways. No one is "degrading Ron Paul"....

This is a keeper--

Griffin is good. I know there are those who think he has monopolized his area of expertise, but he's still good at it.

This is a good answer to give to people who question conspiracies.

It explains the whole thing--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

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Thanks for the time tag. We should all do this.

For those who don't know: "#t=1h30m45s" is a youtube time tag for where to start the video.

This is an easy thing to do using YouTube's...

...share feature. It allows you to link to a specific time of any video. Or you can just add that to the end of any YT link.

I'm a serial entrepreneur and liberty activist from Texas!


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What a comment! G. Edward just hit a gland slam.

Will the Glenn Beck sheeple apply this thinking to Glenn Beck? Hoping so.

Not a Beck fan but....

...I grow tired of hearing politician-like answers when people are asked to name names. If you are going to claim that the Feds have bought up media outlets and have influence over key figures, you need to have evidence, and be willing to specifically say whom you are speaking about. When Glenn asked the guy to explain who he was talking about, Mr. Griffin didn't give a real answer or any specifics. He just repeated what he had just said. "They" use their money to buy up controlling power over various people. He just restated what he had said before, only in different words, and again not naming anyone specific, or any news stations, or any source for the information.

Free market capitalism isn't right for America because it works better. It's right because it's free (and it works better).

I wish he'd named a few names too

One obvious name is Rockefeller, see here: http://socrates.berkeley.edu/~schwrtz/Rockefeller.html

The Rockefellers have their fingers in so many pots, I don't think there's anything left that they don't have considerable control over.

I've seen charts mapping out names of elite families who have majority ownership/control over the biggest corporations including media, and it's shocking how very few people own the whole corporate structure. I just did a google search and for some reason, I can't find any very useful charts on this, though I know they exist. There are numerous articles on this subject...just do a little research on your own and it won't take long to prove G. Edward Griffin told the truth.



Southern Agrarian


And that is how one knows the claim is on the theory level and not the fact level. people like money and power. No revelation there. We need transparency and specifics.

It did not appear...

It did not appear that Glenn realized anything in this segment that he did not already know...or worse, that he is not already knowingly participating in.

I'm a serial entrepreneur and liberty activist from Texas!


Glenn should play poker with

Glenn should play poker with that face, But I see through it man!

juan maldonado

Glenn Beck is a positive force

just by virtue of bringing up this issue.

With such a large audience under his influence, GB could do much harm if he were praising socialism and explaining that Jesus was in fact a socialist.