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What makes the Daily Paul so special?

People say it. I know it. But if you were to put it into words, what would you say about this place that makes it different?

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Okay I guess there is a little censorship but it is pretty hard to detect.

Also the Daily Paul has the courage to allow uncomfortable truths about how government works to be posted.

There is so much information on this website that is just not so readily available anywhere else.

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I don't know...

...but no other website causes me such joy or anger. Actually, I guess that answers the question. What makes the DP so special? Passion.

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and freedom alone

They that give up liberty for security deserve neither.


A healthy dose, but not an over dose :-)


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It's special because information is part of preparation and

the two smartest kinds of people in the world are those who are libertarian and those who are preparation minded. And since both liberty and preparation are growth industries and there are only so many trolls, a website like this is bound to eventually surpass all other news websites as well as the Inane-Stream Media as America's source for information veritas.

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Speaking of preparation, I DO love the DP gardening/

homesteading forum! There are SO many well-informed experienced experts on a wide range of topics here.

The people

of which the vast majority must have been (like myself) awakened by the Ron Paul liberty message. Being genuine, sincerity and non-pretensiousness gets my attention every time. My son says in LA the opposite is called being a "poser". With few exceptions, we are here because we care and not to further ourselves business wise/financially.

The Dailypaul helped get me from the campaign/election let-down of 2008 into 2012. Tears welled up, when people started posting links to news segments featuring RP in late '08. Clicking on DP looking for word that Ron Paul would run again in 2012 became a three time a day event.

So here we are awaiting what will happen next. For me, checking the DailyPaul will continue to be a daily routine. I say to Michael Nystrom, thank you and God Bless.

Peace and Liberty, -mike vasovski

Dr. Mike Vasovski
South Carolina Campaign Chairman, Ron Paul 2012
The SINGLE vote in the SC delegation for RP, GOP Convention, Tampa, FL
2010 Candidate, US Congress SC-03
Past Chairman, Aiken, SC County Tea Party

Good timing!

I believe there was a number of factors converging at the same time that made circumstances just right for the Daily Paul to exist; A snowballing of bad policy in Washington after 9/11, emergence of the internet causing an explosion of widespread communication and one refreshingly honest politician by the name of Ron Paul who provided a message and solid solution to the worlds increasing problems... LIBERTY!

Thus, initially I believe what made the DP special is that it happened to fill a void. What makes it special now is that it has grown to be the mecca of intellectual discourse for those seeking truth and liberty.

All I know for certain is that I love this community, as dysfunctional as it may be at times.

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It's like reading the National Enquirer, Live. lol

To me it's just a great place where Liberty type folk can come learn and share. Used to be hard to find you guys, before Ron Paul drew us together.

"A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself within" W. Durant

We truly understand ...


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the stories that just seem to

the stories that just seem to "fall through the cracks" on other media outlets garner far greater attention here.

"My theories explain, but cannot slow the decline of a great civilization. I set out to be a reformer, but only became the historian of decline."
- Ludwig Von Mises

1. Its the best news

1. Its the best news aggregator on the web.
2. Its the only place to find people who are like me.

Why sweetinely I can tell you.

The interactive feature of the Site is great. The ability to be able to post your own articles and content while at the same time have the community decide if its important is the best feature of all. What other nobody activists could garner such a large audience by simply posting an op-ed? Besides Zero Hedge it has the most knowledgeable libertarian commenters on the Web. And, of course, the MC, MN, is the best. The high school-like drama and ostracism of the down-voting of poetry is not so cool though. Besides that it is a squeaky clean place that's not afraid to talk about the dreaded 'conspiracy' that is so unpalatable elsewhere.

Thanks Michael Nystrom.

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I think for me

the thing that makes it so special are the people that come here. I have never actually met any of you, and I don't even know what most of you look like, but I have grown to have a great deal of affection for so many of you. You're such a unique, intelligent and passionate bunch and even though we are a diverse group in many ways, most of us have that deep passion and desire for liberty that kind of just binds us together. In all of my daily contacts with people, I may come across a fellow liberty lover maybe only a few times a year, but I can come here and be among hundreds of them at the same time and it is comforting.

It is also the way the site is set up (really ingenious Michael), which gives an equal voice to everybody with very little interference (well, most of the time anyway). I'm so grateful for this site and the opportunity to interact with such a great group of people. Thank you Michael! Long live the DP! :)

The Community...

The people here at the DP make it what it is. We all know there are problems with the site, problems with trolls, problems with in-fighting, problems with opposing view points and ideas of where to go next. But the feeling of, "what will I learn today from some random poster at the DP that I can then share with my circle of influence" really keeps me coming back for more.

Also, the feeling of acceptance by others liking my comments and posts, or deciding to engage in deep discussions is something that is not easily found in our own circles. Being around like-minded individuals also gives a feeling of being a part of something bigger, something all humans long for.

People here are willing to discuss things most others are not too.

What makes the DP different? It's the community which has made this place home.

I'm a serial entrepreneur and liberty activist from Texas!


i would like to see more angry posters that care

enough to speak out. a lot of the regulars are too care-bear. it's like turning into this place into an after-dinner chatting place. by all means, do that with your husbands at home. we're into the second phase and about to go over-drive, obama's usurpation of power is bringing moderate conservatives to hardcore Libertarians alike closer together than ever before. now is the time. we don't really need a mellow atmosphere around here.


can't help but think you are talking about me :)

nono it isn't targeted at you

you have my reassurance. i also wrongly used the word 'many' perhaps.. to think, there's maybe just 1~3. i always see this one poster whichever thread i go for example and i always think to myself 'here he/she goes again'

i also need to clarify "friendly" from "mellow".. there's nothing wrong with a friendly atmosphere. mellow is like when someone chats with his/her friend on phone for 30minutes and you have no idea why it's worth the phone minutes

Oh good!

because I am sort of a care-bear lol :) But I am here because I am interested in Liberty and in learning. So much is still new to me. I am a late comer, unfortunately. Wish I had been on board in 2008. I had no idea what was going on then. Probably still a lot I don't know...I find out very often.

I've wondered this myself

I post at a couple sites, but only a little. I spend my days cooking and cleaning and coming back HERE, the window is nearly always open. I think it is the ease of real time conversation for me. The other sites where I post attract about the same type of people, so as special as the people here are, I know they are on the other sites, too. But HERE, I can interact with them.
So I guess you could say what makes it special is the special vision of the person who set this up.
Luv ya', Nystrom!

Love or fear? Chose again with every breath.

For me

It is a place to learn, to hear, and to be heard. I find the people here approachable and a delight to talk to. It is a place where Friends of Liberty become Friends in Liberty.

I cant tell you how excited I was one time when something I posted ended up on the front page!!! Wow, that was cool! I woke my husband up at 1AM telling him all about it! lol :)

The other thing I appreciate is the ability to carry on discussions with people here without being censored. Sometimes I wonder, why does Michael let this that and the other go on, and then I realize, because he is not the policeman of the Daily Paul. It seems if I can say it right, he lives and lets live even if it is not the way he wants to live. I think that sets an example for all of us.

The only thing that grieves me from time to time is when people seem to damage people. I think there is a difference between attacking a message and attacking a person. There is a difference between vetting an idea and crushing a person.

Spoken to Christians, but good adivce for all:

1 Peter 4:8 KJV
And above all things have fervent charity among yourselves: for charity shall cover the multitude of sins.

My goodness, there is enough bashing going on in the world, why would liberty lovers want to bash each other?

Why do I like the Daily Paul, because ya'll put up with me, even when I start preaching lol :)


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It's an emotional community

It's an emotional community, where people can get happy, interested, upset, etc., because we're all talking about power and virtue from, in many ways, a pretty diverse crowd.

I think this is why some people also must make those grand 'I'm never coming back!' type posts, the site is able to get under your skin.

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It's never boring.


Because of the eclectic group of people

We all have different viewpoints and ideas, taste in music, politicians, conspiracy theories, etc. We fuss and fight like brothers and sisters, yet we all have a love for each other and we all love Ron Paul.
Ron Paul is about the only thing we DPers totally agree on and it brings us all together so we can see different ideas and people's thoughts, why they believe the things they do and opening our eyes to new viewpoints and passionately trying to get others to see ours.

Man, I love this place.

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Yes, and here we really feel FREE to express our thoughts &

feelings. (Sometimes, of course, we over-do it, but then, even that's ok. . . our DP pendulum tends to naturally swing back - as it should in the free-market of ideas.)

There is a guy from Romania

There is a guy from Romania that posts here.

Southern Agrarian

in a few words

Freedom loving folks from 100+ countries makes the DP a World Liberty Pub.

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I think you said it perfectly the other night Michael

There is something for everyone here. I am an Ayn Rand girl. It seems like every few days there is an Ayn Rand thread going on, or a thread that turns into an Ayn Rand conversation, so I can always head over there and jump in on the conversation.

I also sit in a library for about 13 hours a day and never really have time to watch TV, but Judge Napolitano and John Stossel are among my many loves in this life and when I miss any interview or show with them I know it will be posted here at some point or another.

Then of course, in the evening.... I get to have a beer or 2 and jam lol

Oh yeah, the people here are passionate, smart, and.... shall we say.... eclectic lol, and it makes for the funniest (and I do not mean laughing at anyone, I mean laughing with them even when they are not laughing) interactions I have ever witnessed online!

Some of Reason Why I Like The Daily Paul:

Some of Reason Why I Like The Daily Paul:

Firstly, I enjoy posting articles that are of interest to me and to others, as well as speading the message of liberty.

At the same time, the Daily Paul also allows me to improve my reading, writing skills.

I'm very greatful to Mich~ael Nystrom, the publisher, the editor - in - chief, the head honcho to allow me to be a part of the Daily Paul family and to enjoy the experience of getting to know many of freedom loving members.

Peace, Love, Gold and Prosperity.

In Liberty,