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One reason why Chinese products cost less

One reason why Chinese products cost less
Video: http://static.video.qq.com/TPout.swf?auto=1&vid=r010673xh67

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Emalvini, where do you find this suff? Thanks for posting it

Wow, the little kids doing a great job and probably having fun! Time to take a look at child labor laws? LOL


I was already operating a huge crane at his age, and I smoked a pack a day while doing it.

I don't think that is entirely correct

Tom Woods on Child labor:

If that is what the kid does day-in day-out it may be more to do with his parents being cheated out of the purchasing power of their labor from currency manipulation, government oppression or some other non-free market feature so that the parents feel it necessary to put their kid to work to keep food on the table and a roof over their head.