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New details emerge in arrest of Ron Paul's grandson at Charlotte airport


Have you ever woken up from an early January drunken stupor and wished you could reset the new year and start again? That's how William Hilton Paul probably felt when he visited the Queen City earlier this month.

Kentucky Republican Sen. Rand Paul's 19-year-old son was arrested Jan. 5 at Charlotte Douglas International Airport and charged with consuming alcohol underage, disorderly conduct at an airport, and being intoxicated and disruptive. His most recent charge - perhaps his most serious - is assaulting a woman.

The 2016 presidential hopeful's son - and grandson of libertarian cult hero and former presidential candidate Ron Paul - assaulted a 22-year-old US Airways flight attendant after being woken up from a nap upon arrival to Charlotte. Jessica Stutzman, who lives in Quakertown, Penn., a small burough about 30 miles north of Philidelphia, was not injured and is believed to have returned to work shortly after the incident. Calls to Stutzman's house were not returned.


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don't make this personal, neo

you're sounding like you are beginning to take this personal vendetta thing against rand too far. it only hurts your credentials of being a vigilant liberty watchmen policing even those of your own kind, if that's the status you're trying to achieve for yourself. going after people's personal lives only discredits yourself. it doesn't hurt rand. you know you have gone too far when not even the liberal media is interested in this.

"..charged with consuming

"..charged with consuming alcohol underage, disorderly conduct at an airport, and being intoxicated and disruptive. His most recent charge - perhaps his most serious - is assaulting a woman."

underage drinking...stupid but minor

disorderly conduct/disruptive...need more info (probably the aledged assault)

assault...assault is merely the threat of violence (battery is violence)
If people are hounding the Pauls, they could claim that just looking at someone mean was assault. Likely, a flight attendent woke up a drunk teen and the teen said something mean back that included some lame threat of violence: "if you don't let me sleep, i'm going to slap you"

As a big guy, I am extra careful about what I say around people nowadays.

...charged with consuming alcohol underage...

That applies to 95% of most college students.

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Yeah, joeneesima...

When I was growing up the we could legally drink at 18. There are plenty people that can drink at 15, 16, 17 years old without it causing any problem and there are plenty of people that are 30, 40, and 50 years old that should never take another drink. Its all about personal responsiblity. Thinking there is a one size fit all solution to social problems is a Statist concept that = FAIL.

Statism - Ideas so good they have to be mandatory.

Yeah, I'm sorry but



Not a big deal. People were

Not a big deal. People were drinking and smoking pot in 8th grade... its called public school.


Thanks for posting.

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How the charges just keep getting worse, every time Rand says something like "Nullify."
The FAA is digging around for a felony to tag him with... Rand's family appears to be under attack, I hope they are up for the battle.
I wish them all the best.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Sounds like he was startled and woke up swingin'

I've done that before when someone messes with me when I'm in a dead sleep.

That's the

first thing I thought too, Ralph. I've smacked a couple people, unintentionally, when abruptly awoken or startled.

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Did She Touch Him?

Sounds like she might have touched him, first. Still not much detail.

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