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Police launch criminal investigation into MPs’ child sex ring


"Scotland Yard tonight launched a full investigation into allegations that Conservative politicians were members of a paedophile ring which abused children in care the 1980s."

If they do an actual investigation, look for this to jump the pond and ensnare the Bush family. Please, do all you can to HELP this happen. If you do not already know, learn about The Franklin Scandal and tell others.

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This was covered up

by the FBI to protect the police, politicians, business men who used these children brutality for sex. Some children were killed to protect the perverts from being exposed. One sexually abused girl went to prison for 25-30 years for perjury; a message to the other children not to tell their story of being abused.

It shows what is in the minds of these people. They are monsters driven by greed for wealth, power over others, and sensual experience.

And these are the kind of tyrants who want to rule the world. If you control the media, the police, the justice system, you own the state, and that places the elite above the law, right where they want to be.

Cathy O'Brien Story about Child Sex Ring
Start around 0:36 Long Introduction

Do perverts rule the world?

That would make sense because they give us NO privacy...the whole system is one big Peeping Tom.

im never

taking a shower naked again.

His name is Edward Snowden

What is Capitalism?

im never

taking a shower again.

His name is Edward Snowden

What is Capitalism?

Maybe Bush Wiill Finally

Maybe Bush will finally be arrested and imprisoned. It's long overdue...now, if we can get obama, preibus, the clintons, rice....cheney...and oh so many more behind bars...that would be great...

Bush was a pedophile?

Which ones and how can you back it up.

I hope they investigate the sick fucks in Denmark and London especiallay in Denmark