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Jesse Ventura: Sandy Hook Shooting Not A False Flag - Update

Update: Ventura also linked to this point-by-point debunking thread, from Facebook, saying:

I think this is a pretty good point by point debunking of the Sandy Hook conspiracy video. It assembles most of the "smoking gun" evidence and offers pretty solid explanations. Unless stronger evidence comes out I'm going to put Sandy Hook into the "Government takes advantage of tragedy to push an agenda" file. Again, Sandy Hook does not appear to be a false flag operation.

From Jesse Ventura's Facebook Page:

"I dont see enough evidence to think Sandy Hook was a false flag operation. This is more of a tragic event turned into political opportunity than it is a staged event. Was there investigative bungling and the sensationalist media reporting unverified stories? Yes. Was there confusion and were facts lost and gained in that confusion? Yes. Are there people, even witnesses, looking for their 30 seconds in the spotlight? Yes. Are there individuals and institutions using and shaping this event for their own political agendas? Yes, and we must keep a very watchful eye on those institutions to keep them from twisting the facts of this event. Sadly, everything I mentioned above can, when taken out of context, make one think manipulation is afoot.

Most chaotic events can come across that way. In examining the event, I don't see government hands at work mainly because they would have covered their tracks better. We can't expect them to pull off ...elaborately planned hoaxes while at the same time leaving behind so many easy "smoking guns" for us to find. It took years for independent investigators to uncover JFK. It took years for us to begin scratching out the truth about 9/11. Those of us who study real history, not state sanctioned history, can very easily become just as close minded and biased for conspiracy as those who stand in our way and refuse to accept the truth about our government and the people running it.

It's very easy to fall into that trap, especially when knowing how much of our history and world events are not what they appear to be. So please, do not immediately jump up and yell "Fire!" just because someone makes a YouTube video. Research, research, research. You only hurt our cause by promoting false conspiracies and crackpot agendas. Much like the Birther conspiracy, I am starting to think that a lot of the so called "evidence" of conspiracy coming out about Sandy Hook is designed and fabricated to make us "conspiracy theorists," us truth seekers, look foolish. Why? So that when good people argue against the destruction of our Second Amendment they can easily be painted with the "crackpot" brush."


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*scratching my head*--

And, so your point, Jesse, is . . .?

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

Walking in Cirlces

The sensationalism around the story went to epic proportions.

It went to the point that media outlets were making SOMETHING up, because some of the stuff that came out was just plain wrong or strange.


a thin-looking 20yo Catholic man puts 11 bullets in the face of 6-year old Jewish kid and multiple shots in his classmates, the authorities decided to restrict information for three reasons: 1) to prevent copy cats from similarly insane who are plentiful in this country; 2) to prevent Jewish relatives or others to do similar acts against Catholic kids out of revenge; 3) to avoid celebration and passing of candies in some radical muslim communities.

The restriction feeds mental anxiety for so many weak minded in this country. And the Left is predictably using any excuse to further its agenda.

So this punk can tell me who

So this punk can tell me who in CT registered a bushmaster ar15 to Mrs Lanza, so we can arrest the SOB's for MURDER. In CT this gun is BANNED. CT State Police should explain why they allowed Mrs Lanza to register an illegal weapon in CT.

once a government employee...

always a government employee...
you don't "quit the mafia"... for one, they pay his pension... they OWN him. Not to mention they can sic the IRS on anyone at any time.

he always mentions, and seems proud, to have been a former navy seal... being a specialized killer is something to be proud of.

just a thought...

I use Blue Wave, but don't expect one of THEIR silly taglines.

I Like Jesse, but

I like Jesse, but you can spend 30 minutes online and do better research than what his cracksquad of investigators turn up on his Conspiracy Theory show. I'm always disappointed when I watch it because I don't learn anything new and I feel he omits important evidence.

Hell Yes

Sandy Hook was most certainly a false flag...staged event...whatever you want to call it.

A person would have to have their head where the Sun don't shine, or daily doses of television/mainstream media in front of them to think otherwise.

Jessie knows 9/11 was staged.

Yet Sandy Hook was genuine ?, WITH ALL THE EVIDENCE saying it was staged, and it going directly into a gun control operation, yet Jessie believes it's legitimate ? You know what, whatever..kind of sick of Jessie Ventura at this point anyhow.

Just one last kick in the nuts, then a final deathblow


Jesse must be wearing nose plugs...

...if he can't smell the stench from the steaming pile of poo regarding the Sandy Hook incident.

deacon's picture

them plugs

must cover his eyes also,as he can't see that poo either

Leave an indelible mark on all of those that you meet.
OH... have fun day :)

How about his hairline?

No plugs there?

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i was thinking his hair couldn't have been in his eyes :)

Leave an indelible mark on all of those that you meet.
OH... have fun day :)

Everyone makes mistakes

and Jesse just made one. I'm not going to "cut ties" with JV, since I still think he'd be a good fit for VP.

FISHY: Did your state just ban "gun confiscation laws"?

If you don't know your rights, you don't have any.

Sandy Hook was most DEFINITELY a false flag.

I'm not afraid to stick my neck out and say it. If you don't believe that then you have simply not done enough homework.

Here's a follow-up question

Was it the first in American history?

Its not conspiracy theory to

Its not conspiracy theory to ask why wehave yet to see the video of Lanza shooting his way into the school. Just show me that and i will shut up.

There's always CGI

I'd probably be saying the

I'd probably be saying the same thing, exept for the lack of official statements about sandy hook, the suspicious behaviour of that crowd near sandy hook, and the coincidence of the government training in the same vicinity and if i remember rightly, same day

Im not gonna say sandy hook was a false flag, but god dammit, they must be incompetent to the point of unfound self incrimination, if this is in fact just a bunch of innocent coincidences.......are they sooooo concerned about their "public image" that their willing to ignore the tension or what its doing, brush it under that rug, till that point when you bloody need to build a new door to replace that old one with the filth and junk blocking the entrance

To my calculation, americas house is running out of structurely sound places to build new doors

Jesse must not be well informed these days

Jesse must not be well informed these days if the details of this event don't make his BS meter peg hard.

Guess he doesn't drop by the DP much?

Resist the temptation to feed the trolls.

THIS is a prime example why I don't get all excited about Rand.

When I joined our local meetup, the local petunia made sure the first thing we learned was the 9-11 discussions were forbidden. So, in the interest of promoting RP, I let 9-11 go, for the election period. I did all I could, lined up PCP candidates by the dozens, lined up voters by the hundreds, got my husband a PCP seat, got both of us on the County and State Committees, and got us both named Ron Paul bound delegates to the 2008 RNC. The Rally For The Republic... by then I'd been biting my tongue on 9-11 for nearly a year. Jesse Ventura took the stage, and brought it up. The place went WILD, and for the first time, I realized that contrary to what the petunia claimed, MOST Ron Paul supporters had serious questions about 9-11. It was an amazing moment, to stand in a crowd of THOUSANDS and SCREAM about something that I had held in so long...
Now Jesse, Mr. "Conspiracy Theory" is not at all curious about grieving parents that don't cry, don't have any interest in seeing their dead child one last time, set up donation sites before they have been told their child is dead, have armed undercover cops at the scene of the crime who disappear without a trace from the news... No questions from Jesse, the official story is fine with him.
Well, screw you, Jesse. I don't know if you sold out or chickened out, but I am willing to speak where Ron Paul is silent like you used to be. I sure don't mind speaking out over you. I don't mind leaving you in the dustbin of "used to be truth-seekers" if that is where you belong.
Rand does good things, but until I see some serious "curiosity" out of him, I'm on the sidelines.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

I agree.The man who gets

I agree.

The man who gets that LHO wasn't the lone JFK assassin, that the official 911 tale is screwy, believes that that shrimpy kid did Sandy Hook alone and gives the official story a pass regardless of all of the details that don't add up? Yeah, something isn't right.

PS. Lol @ "local petunia"

Resist the temptation to feed the trolls.

Hmm. Does he have reason for even MSM reporting all files

and investigation findings closed and off limits to journalists and public?

The Sandy Hook Conspiracy All roads lead to Rome and Israel

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iQRP2QxIZhs You will see Noah Pozner is really Kevin.

EMC Corp is partners with DARPA Israeli company.
DARPA Project Aims To Record Every Single Word You Ever Speak

DARPA Israeli based awarded over 2 BILLION from U.S tax payers http://www.militaryindustrialcomplex.com/defense-advanced-re...

Experts are now calling Israel "the world's techo-nation." http://www.emc.com/leadership/articles/uniting-emcs-israeli-...

Israelis have been highly influential within EMC's

Former EMC executive Doron Kempel, a former officer in the Israel Defense Forces, who previously held management positions with Imedia, Robertson, Stephens and The Israel Corporation LTD, would be heading Diligent, the projected name of the Israeli group. Symmetrix creator and longstanding EMC engineer Moshe Yanai, who was a high-ranking officer in Israel's defense forces' technical intelligence unit, would also be in the picture. Though it is not yet fully operational, www.diligenttechnologies.com has been registered to an Israeli-based EMC server, with a Tel Aviv-based EMC employee cited as technical contact. http://www.angelfire.com/poetry/SusieD/EMCIsrael.html

All links that are discussed in this video will be posted in a different forum due to the fact that all the links over cede the limits You may view all links that are discussed in this Video here: http://lunaticoutpost.com/Topic-The-Sandy-Hook-Conspiracy-Al... Or at the Daily Paul http://www.dailypaul.com/277730/the-sandy-hook-conspiracy-al...

Well, I just lost all respect

Well, I just lost all respect when he referenced the "birther conspiracy" Its a fact that Obama has passed off forged documents as his birth records. Its a fact that his selective service registration is forged. Its a fact, that he is using a stolen SS# which I have personally proved to belong to one Harry Bounel born in Russia in 1890 who became a naturalized citizen. (story broke on the Post & Email site, more stories to follow. Watch for them) Its a fact that he committed real estate and tax fraud regarding his house in Chicago. Its a fact that he has never produced any evidence whatsoever to prove he actually is who he says he is. Ventura is carrying the water for Obama. How sad.

Cat Bleish, who appeared in his police state episode said that he believes in global Govt. He told her personally that he thinks that if we could get a world Govt there would be no more war.

Knowing how he feels about us "birthers" (people who are actually aware of Obama's long list of felonies and frauds) and that he would like to see a global Govt, I can't take one word he says seriously.

Blessings )o(

Jefferson's picture

I thought

JV was in the Baja during this time of year. Not only that but in a house that is miles from paved roads and doesn't have electricity. (actually runs on solar)
How would he write something like this?

He's always bragging about wanting to be off the grid and only bringing the books he wants to read for the season with him. I don't think he has internet access. I could be wrong, but this seems weird to me.

satellite connection.

satellite connection.

Jefferson's picture

Maybe so.

My understanding is that he has no cell phone and will never own one. It seems to me from the many interviews I've heard of him, that he goes there to "unplug" although I'd guess his son and daughter have a way of getting a hold of him.

Here's the quote on living in Baja. His wife has some sort of ailment that makes it hard to stand the winters in Minnesota.

Regarding his life in Mexico, Ventura said, "I live one hour from pavement and one hour from electricity,..." "I drive down and back every year and it's truly an adventure to live down there where I do, because I'm off the grid,..." "I have electricity but it's all solar. I'm completely solar-powered down there. And it makes you pay more attention. It makes you turn the lights off when you're not using them."[120]
(under family)

When JV is on AJ Next Time

I'm sure Alex will pose the question or someone calling in.

"I, __________, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic."


There is no duration defined in the Oath