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This new yorker is about to pack up and head to Texas

Born and raised in ny my whole life. survived it all. Was on the lirr when colin ferguson killed everyone. Was in lower manhatten when the towers came down and watched 7 drop out of thin air. Been mugged over 5 times and fought them all off with a belt and some quick thinking. Taxes are always killing me but I have finally have had enough of new york.there is some ugly strange sounding guy who says he is the govner or something.he scares me. austin texas sounds like the best fit for me. I work in healthcare(radiology)MRI and have the resume out. any tips or anyone in texas that have any stories to share? thank you. in Liberty.

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Dude I live in Dallas

You failed to mention that we also have RON PAUL!


DUDE go back and read

I LIVE IN RP DISTRICT, RP=Ron Paul DUDE wake up people will think that all Texans are as bright as you.


Texas and Idaho

Both have these great reputations as bastions of conservatism... Both are actually under the firm control of the NWO. I worry that these reputations are a set up, and one of these states is my "most likely false flag site." We had Ruby Ridge and Waco already, the masses expect "whacko" news from these states. This "Citadel" thing and now Glen Beck's Texas retreat... They make me nervous.

This is the article that got my posting privileges revoked:

They are set up. Texas is not free, it is repressive.

There are many states in which you are more free.

Many of the southern states (such as Texas) enacted Jim Crowe laws (laws like gun control that only apply to blacks) following the Civil War. Since that time these laws have been made to apply to everyone. Texas has some of the worst gun control in the nation as a result of this but most are unaware because gun ownership is high there and some has been repealed in recent years (e.g., they final started issuing concealed handgun licenses in the 1990's after gun control created the Kileen, Texas Massacre at Luby Cafe, before that it was a felony to take your gun into Luby's and they would take you to jail for having it in your car).

Today the castle doctrine and a CHL system has replaced draconian gun control laws in Texas, but you still can not open carry there. If you do your CHL is invalid and all of the pre-luby's massacre gun control laws apply to you and you will be taken down by Texas cops who are among the most abusive and have the high rates of super-cop mentality in the nation.

And don't even think about questioning their authority, you are their slave once they target you for destruction. The Texas courts and legal system is also among the most corrupt in the entire nation. Mexico has a more fair judicial system than any county in Texas.

Question a cop in Texas, go to state prison. They will railroad you to Huntsville right next to their death row.

That is about how it works down there.

Try Arizona

Phoenix or Sun City area is a large retirement community.
Gun friendly State.
MRI specialists always in need there for all the health care for the old people.

If you have the money, why

If you have the money, why not just move off the grid in a location that is close to a decently large city? It REALLY does not cost that much to be self-reliant of you have a water supply. If you need internet then like I said move close to a city but out in the boondocks. You can always use satellite or g3 for access. If anyone comes bothering you then tell them to leave or face the consequences. That's IF you have the money. If you still need to work then the city is relatively close. Even if you had to drive 2 hours to work it would be worth it for the freedom you would have.

Robert Paul

Is Ron Pauls son, he is running for senate here in texas, no state income tax, low property tax, I love it here. Austin is pretty liberal though, I would highly recomend you getting a place just outside of Austin and to do some research on what side of austin you want to be on, each side is very different.

You just got PAULED!

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Thats awesome! Did not know Robert Paul was running for

senate in TX!!


Low state extorted theft called property tax

Are you kidding?


compared to? New York?

compared to? New York?

When Fascism goes to sleep, it checks under the bed for Ron Paul!

I did not read that you stated low property tax as a comparasion

to NY opposed as a compared to other states that he could move to.
SO low property tax is not a statement I would atribute to Texas as a factor to move here. Tax is theft.



Don't move to Austin, Texas, it sucks.

Austin, Texas

ps - Seriously, ok move here but tell all your friends it sucks, that way it doesn't get too crowded here.

pps - nevermind tell them it's awesome so we can take over

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Very cute :))


On my way to Austin

Thanks for the tip.

Colchester, New London County, Connecticut

I miss Austin :(

. Brrrrr

Frggin 28 degrees here

Where are you? I hate the brrr.

Colchester, New London County, Connecticut

Good for you. Too bad you could not convinced your fellow...

citizens to head to Albany for a "necktie party," because that clearly has become the only option I can see for New York State.

you're doing the right thing

you're doing the right thing by getting out.

Might I recommend you check out Eastern Tennessee first. In Joel Skousen's excellent book 'Strategic Relocation', he recommends East Tennessee near the mountains and the Cumberland Gap as the best survival location in the east.

No income tax either in Tn...beautiful mountain area near the N. Carolina border, low real estate taxes, etc.

If I had to relocate in the US, it would be to Tn, Wyoming, Montana, or Idaho. I'd consider Tx after those.

“Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it’s realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy.”
― Ron Paul

Eastern Tennessee is about the same as the ozarks.

both would be good choices.
northern AZ and Southern Utah. offer staggering recreational opportunities. and almost any climate that you like is available.

Joel says that the CIA people

Joel says that the CIA people are building their bugout spots and bunkers in the Ozarks.

“Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it’s realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy.”
― Ron Paul

My family comes from and I

My family comes from and I still have many many relatives in the Appalachians. It's beautiful and you can get away from it all if need be. They are also quite fond of their freedoms.

I have to agree. There are

I have to agree. There are lots of good places you can make a home in that isn't a liberal's communist paradise.

Welcome to west Brother. glad

Welcome to west Brother. glad to have you.

make sure your truck has A/C.

or you will be miserable.
Austin and san Antonio are good areas.
I would avoid both Houston and Dallas. if you do end up in either one of them, it is the north side that is best.
fire ants are very common. as are wasps and scorpions. I moved to Texas from up north, back in 1980.
just a little practical advice. if you pass through Arkansas, hit me up and we can have a beer.
I-30 is not far from here. Hot Springs is also a nice little detour if you take that route.
most of our tourists here come from Dallas.

We're leaving CT

Husband lost his job in December. It was the kick in the ass we needed, after talking about leaving New England for a long time. We are selling everything! Everything must go! Starting with our antique camera collection. http://www.ebay.com/itm/281052444373?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:...
Click on see more from this seller.
I have tons of stuff my my travels all over the world., Belgian tapestries, Irish pottery, Egyptian brass, Murano glass etc.

Anyway, we are hoping to get rid of it all, house too, and move into an RV and head out west. Husband wants to reside in Utah, I want Alabama. We can do both.
Also, he is entitled to Polish citizenship, and I am entitled to Irish. We will probably do both to be safe.
Getting out of New England and then USA is the plan.
We're finally doing it after all the talk.

Colchester, New London County, Connecticut

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Thank you for the link. I went to your ebay site and will be

checking back there. Best of luck and please keep us posted!!


Thanks Debbie!

We have a household of treasures to sell. I hope you see something you like. If you do, let me know, we can do an outside of ebay sale.

Colchester, New London County, Connecticut

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Okay, I will.

Thank you!