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Four Citizens Shot and Killed in Cambridge, MA

From the Postcards from the Revolution Series

As you know, I am documenting some of the landmarks of the American Revolution that are common but often ignored sites around Boston. This one is new to me - I saw it for the first time this week when I stopped to get a haircut in North Cambridge. It is a timely reminder that governments can and do kill their own citizens. This is the reason the right of citizens to to keep and bear arms is enshrined in our Constitution.

Four Citizens Shot & Killed in Cambridge MA

The inscription reads:

APRIL 19, 1775
- - -


Here is the monument in its current context. It sits on the curb of at 2154 Massachusetts Avenue, the old Battle Road which runs from downtown Boston all the way to Lexington and Concord.

Four Citizens Shot & Killed in Cambridge MA

Thousands of cars pass this monument daily, but it remains mostly unseen, mostly ignored, its profound meaning lost on the citizens of the People's Republic of Cambridge.

Here is the view northwest on the Battle Road, towards Lexington and Concord...

Four Citizens Shot & Killed in Cambridge MA The view on the Battle Road, north to Lexington and Concord.

And the view to the southeast, back towards Boston Town:

Four Citizens Shot & Killed in Cambridge MA

If anyone ever tells you you don't need guns to protect themselves, give them a friendly reminder of how this nation was formed.

- - -

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- Nystrom

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trigger guards on muskets ?

Michael , I heard many years ago that the old muskets on museum display have trigger locks due to local gun laws. Is that true and if so can you get a photo ?

Tin Pan

The Libs Would Say...

If only the colonial governments had gun control, that tragedy wouldn't have happened!

Four Dead In Ohio

Maybe someone should remind Piers of the Kent State Massacre when he scoffs at the idea that the government could kill its own citizenry.

"Bipartisan: both parties acting in concert to put both of their hands in your pocket."-Rothbard

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Tin Soldiers and Nixon's Coming

Were finally on our own
This summer I hear the drummin
four dead in ohio.

Good Call.

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Great series!

Thank you for taking the time to do this. I have always loved going to historical places, whether it is houses or graveyards or battlegrounds. It really does have a way of making our history come alive and reminds us that these events are not just stories we read about in a history book, but actual events that took place and lives that were lost. It makes it real. I really appreciate it. Thank you. :)

These historical posts

are simply brilliant. Thank you for taking the time. As someone who was born and raised out west I have very little chance to see important relics of our countries past.



Liberty = Responsibility

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Nice to know

I was born and raised out west also. I was blown away when I first got to Boston. It is a special place. I'm going to miss it.

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Are you moving from

Mass. Michael?

interesting math:

+55 years to publicly acknowledge & commemorate in stone.

who pushed for it? who dragged their feet..?

is +55 how long 'our' generation (or more like era) of heros & victims will wait to be publicly proclaimed?

just a thought.

and yes, i do believe 'we' are the dawn of a new era.

This is a most excellent post Michael.

I love your heading too.

THAT should be in every newspaper USA tomorrow.

This is a great new project you have going.

Maybe you could publish a book with these photos, inscriptions, landmarks and modern scenery now encompassing these important locations.

Maybe with some artist renditions of how these areas may have looked in the late 18th century.

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul

It was an ambush gone bad.

The night of April 18 Paul Revere made his famous ride. The fighting started at 5am the next morning in Lexington and Concord. This is from an article I found.

Toward sunset the fatigued regulars returned to Cambridge in full retreat. At Watson’s Corner (2) (the present intersection of Rindge and Massachusetts avenues) Cambridge patriots lay in wait behind a pile of barrels at, but were surprised by flanking redcoats. John Hicks (3) and Moses Richardson of Cambridge and Isaac Gardner of Brookline were killed, as was William Marcy, a "simple-minded youth" who thought he was watching a parade. A marker at 2158 Massachusetts Avenue commemorates the skirmish.

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Thanks for the info

Where did you find it?

This is the source for

Sorry, I should have put the source.

I looked for the exact one today but could not find it. This tells a similar story. The men were not found until the next day, so sad.


I go to school in Cambridge...

...saw this headline on facebook and it scared the hell out of me!

Anyway, thanks for the post. Hopefully I'll see this monument soon.

Michael Nystrom's picture

Colin - where do you go to school?

It is on Mass Ave, just north of Porter Square, right before the turnoff onto Rindge Ave. Check it out.

Check out all the other cool stuff in the area too.

I'm at MIT

I'm actually starting a class in Porter Square in a couple of weeks, so I'll make sure to stop by.

Wow! I love the blog!

I've been on a few history walks around Boston, hit a lot of the "big stuff", but these little landmarks are the ones that are great to come across. Thanks for posting!

Thank you

Thank you for posting these. I drive by that spot every day, and I have never even noticed that stone. I work less than 3 blocks from it.

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I wonder if the family members of those who were killed

still remember that these four fellows are commemorated on this road-side monument in Boston?


My uncle's last name is

My uncle's last name is Richardson, but he lives in Texas.

Southern Agrarian

I read this disgusting

I read this disgusting article by Paul Waldman on cnn.com yesterday. He opines that those who keep guns in order to defend themselves from government tyranny and societal breakdown do so in the hopes that they will be able to act out "violent fantasies they've been nurturing for years". I wonder what type of article Mr. Waldman would write about the minutemen who stood up against the British soldiers who came to take away the guns on 4/19/1775?

Without Waldman's beloved State our society will break down??

Our society should be OK. We have all the deranged working for the MSM.

Free includes debt-free!

A thought-provoking post,

A thought-provoking post, Mike. Thanks for keeping us on our toes. ;)

Has Dorchester Heights

been done yet?

Michael Nystrom's picture

Not yet

I don't know my way around there. It isn't my hood. Any suggestions?

When I moved here, I lived in Cambridge my first year, then moved to Arlington (the old Menotomy). There is a statue of Uncle Sam in Arlington. He's from there - ha ha ha. I'm going to get that. Now I'm in Somerville, in the shadow of America's First Flag.

I'll need to check out the Heights. I'll probably wait until springtime, though.

The new Boston Tea Party Museum just opened. The old one got hit by lightning and burned to the water, I'm told!

Thanks for the response

I just remember reading about it as a child and being enthralled by how they kicked the Brits out with one strategic move. It seemed truly providential, like all of nature conspired to aide the cause of freedom.

Someday I would like to make the pilgrimage.

Michael Nystrom's picture

I will definitely go check it out

I'm not too familiar with the area. Probably in the springtime, when it is warmer and pleasant out.

My birthday is March 5

which is the anniversary of the Boston massacre...went to the site many many many times through my life as I grew up in Revere. I think about that fact often.

Man, I hope that's not an omen Joe..

lol.......do, do, do, do, do, do, do..

The Monroe Doctrine

Wasn't that the idea formulated by James Madison to keep the British out of our hemisphere?

James Monroe was credited for it, but I believe, correct me if I'm wrong, it was Madisons idea..

Just asking..